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最近一段时间,在上下班的地铁上,经常可以看到一些年轻人破天荒地放下了手机,而是拿着一部游戏机在全神贯注地操作。不用奇怪,那台红蓝相间的掌上设备,就是任天堂的掌机Switch;而那个让他们无法自拔的游戏,就是《塞尔达传说》系列的最新续作——《王国之泪》。5月12日,《塞尔达传说:王国之泪》正式发售。如果你身边的同事最近时不时请假,亦或是常常拖着疲惫的身躯来上班,那他大概率是黑着眼眶熬着夜,化身勇士林克,去海拉鲁王国对抗魔王拯救塞尔达公主去了——这就是《塞尔达传说》系列全部作品的故事内核。好奇的朋友 ...
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Switch、PS4、Xbox one 哪款更值得购买?

游戏机市场三巨头历史上游戏机经历了多个王朝的更替,世嘉,索尼,任天堂等等,到如今游戏主机无非就是任天堂Switch,索尼PS4,微软Xbox One这三个系列,这三个系列的游戏机也都是经过了时代的检验。索尼 PS4 在本世代完全展示的是一名胜利者的姿态,这主要归功于索尼史诗级别的独占游戏,例如《最后的生还者》,《战神》,《神秘海域》,《女神异闻录》,都是质量上乘的口碑极佳的独占游戏。PS4的游戏类别,更多是偏向RPG类型的游戏,画质更是电影级别,同时PS4平台上面的游戏也是最多最全的,因此对于如 ...
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The Best Gaming Laptops of 2022

Game book recommendationWhen we buy a game book, we first pay attention to the three parts of the CPU, graphics card, and screen. At the same time, we must pay attention to the power consumption release and heat dissipation design of the notebook. Be ...
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Are VR glasses/VR all-in-one machines worth buying in 2022? How to choose?

The word "VR" sounds like it has existed in our world for a long time, but in fact it has always been used by a small group of people. After all, when mobile phones, TVs, and monitors have to experience everything, such a The pair of glasse ...
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2022 Home Game Console Recommendations

At present, the common game console brands on the market mainly include Japan's Sony PlayStation, Nintendo game console Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft's Xbox.Each has its own original game and compatible different games, and also has a differ ...
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2022 gaming mouse recommendation to choose Logitech or Razer

Two brands that often come to mind when we buy a wireless mouse are Logitech and Razer. Both companies make high-quality mouse products, but there are some key differences between them that make one mouse better than the other. it is good.Both Logite ...
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There is actually such a blatant game that harvests cat slaves!

Lost Stray is a very interesting and relaxing puzzle adventure game. In the game, players play as kittens and roam freely in a mechanical world, looking for their way home. However, the puzzles and background of the game are unclear. There are many P ...
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因为市面上已经有3D换装游戏的龙头老大《闪耀暖暖》,因此大家都好奇《以闪亮之名》能不能取代《闪耀暖暖》,成为新一代3D换装游戏的天花板手游。下面,小编为大家简要介绍和对比一下两者的优劣,为犹豫不决的学生党选择体验感最高的游戏。一款换装游戏好不好取决于三方面,分布是服装、玩法、体验感。虽然以闪还没有开始公测,但是从内测的录屏可以看出以闪的服装风格别具一格。以闪的服装虽然精细度比不上闪暖,但是它也可以吊打市面上大多数的3D换装游戏。以闪的服装风格属于夸张华丽的派别,例如瑰色加冕和虚妄之蝶,都采用了蓬 ...
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