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Aug 9, 2022

There is actually such a blatant game that harvests cat slaves!

Lost Stray is a very interesting and relaxing puzzle adventure game. In the game, players play as kittens and roam freely in a mechanical world, looking for their way home. However, the puzzles and background of the game are unclear. There are many P ...
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Jul 21, 2022


因为市面上已经有3D换装游戏的龙头老大《闪耀暖暖》,因此大家都好奇《以闪亮之名》能不能取代《闪耀暖暖》,成为新一代3D换装游戏的天花板手游。下面,小编为大家简要介绍和对比一下两者的优劣,为犹豫不决的学生党选择体验感最高的游戏。一款换装游戏好不好取决于三方面,分布是服装、玩法、体验感。虽然以闪还没有开始公测,但是从内测的录屏可以看出以闪的服装风格别具一格。以闪的服装虽然精细度比不上闪暖,但是它也可以吊打市面上大多数的3D换装游戏。以闪的服装风格属于夸张华丽的派别,例如瑰色加冕和虚妄之蝶,都采用了蓬 ...
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