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2022 Home Game Console Recommendations

At present, the common game console brands on the market mainly include Japan's Sony PlayStation, Nintendo game console Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft's Xbox.

Each has its own original game and compatible different games, and also has a different focus on technology.

Focus on the exciting enjoyment brought by the game process to the senses, which can be selected in Playstation and Xbox.

If you prefer action-adventure role games, you can consider Playstation. At present, the latest hardware upgrades will make the game experience more exciting, and the delicate reflection of the scenes during the game will make the game more realistic.

If you prefer racing shooting games, you can consider the Xbox, which runs fast enough, the picture is accurate enough, and enjoys the fun of the game brought by the speed.

At the same time, Playstation and Xbox are each equipped with network media support, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, etc., with the latest 4K high-definition display, which expands the entertainment function of the game console.

Gamers who want to relax are more recommended for Switch. The game types are mostly relaxing and leisure, and the body is light and can be carried anywhere, which is more suitable for the purpose of relaxing at any time.

The most special thing is that for players who want to drive the whole family to play sports at home, the various game modes of the Switch Standard Edition are more suitable for physical exercise in the game.

Factors affecting the purchase of game consoles

1. What game do you like to play

This is an important principle for buying a game console. If you already know what games you like, you can buy a corresponding console without hesitation. If you are still struggling with which games you like, you can first If you buy a PS4 series, the PS4 game library is the most extensive;

2. The environment in which you play the game

If you have greater requirements for portability, then choose Switch, which can be used as a host and can be used as a handheld, and can play with Uncle Mario anytime, anywhere;

3. How are your expenses

This is a very important factor. If you are a local tyrant, then skip this point and go straight to the whole family. If you have limited expenses, you need to consider game consoles and later accessories, such as PS4 Pro, if you want a better experience , you need to start with a 4k monitor, which will be another expense.

The difference between national bank and non-national bank

I believe that many small partners will see that there are multiple versions of the game console, such as the national version, the Hong Kong version, the Japanese version, etc. So, what is the difference between these versions? I think there are no more than two, after-sales and games.

After-sales: National Bank generally has an official two-year warranty, while non-National Bank can only find the merchant you purchased for repair, and this can only depend on the quality, either the merchant will help you repair it, or send it back The place of origin, Hong Kong, and Japan will be repaired, and the intermediate postage must be borne by yourself.

Games: Due to the stricter review of games in China, the national bank will have fewer games than the non-national bank, but fortunately, if it is through the physical CD, the national bank and the non-national bank are the same, and there is no restriction. . At present, there are also a variety of national bank machine cracking tutorials on the Internet. After the crack, you can log in to the foreign server. Of course, if you are Xiaobai or don’t have much demand for foreign server games, you can start with the national bank game console. For usual entertainment.

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