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Adwords是您的潜在客户在搜索Google时与您的业务绝对的第一联系人,因此必须做得恰到好处。当一家企业拥有一个令人惊叹的产品或服务与一个运行不良的Adwords广告系列时,这就是我发挥作用并创建适合您的解决方案的地方。那是我可以帮助的地方。我管理和优化帐户的所有方面,包括:帐户结构搭建关键字策略与扩展预算管理关键词竞价和展现位置管理按地理区域定位时段和时段竞价否定关键字管理受众群体定位管理广告文案测试登陆页面测试我的客户会告诉你我的专业知识是如何绝对宝贵的。负回报的企业已经盈利,销售停滞的 ...
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Tabpear谷歌SEO实施手段1.采用整站SEO优化方法,为什么这么讲,因为整站seo注重的是用户体验问题,谷歌通过算法知道哪个网站的用户体验好。做整站优化,可以做到网站每个页面权重基本均衡,不会全部堆积在首页,每个产品页都会有排名,客户搜索相关关键词进入到的就是相应的页面,直接给客户想要看到的,且因为每个页面都有排名,故关键词数量会有一个N次方的增长。除了减少客户到达产品页的时间与步骤,提升了客户的体验,更提高了可做关键词数量,从而更好的覆盖整个行业,客户不管搜什么词都能看到您的官网,无形中 ...
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The Chinese trust an authoritative voice and peer-to-peer recommendations. We can help you with building your brand recognition and reputation as well as WOM (word of mouth) marketing in China.The Chinese trust an authoritative voice. It is extremely ...
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China Chinese wechat website weibo baidu

On June 9th 2015, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, mentioned China market in his speaks to the Economic Club of New York. He said: “Today the middle class for China is almost the same as the American population. And we think in ten years, half a bill ...
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PR Marketing

Press release marketing is adopted more and more widely in China to promote their brands. We will write soft articles and release them on news portals such as,,,, Be assu ...
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Weibo Marketing

It is universally acknowledged that microblog allows anyone to read the message or the spercific groups user choose. We will spread your business on top-ranking Weibo platforms in China like Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Sohu Weibo, Netease Weibo so tha ...
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WeChat Marketing

WeChat has become an indispensable part of people’s life in China. People in China scroll WeChat news feeds as frequently as people check twitter or facebook updates. We will build very proper WeChat official account for your brand and increase your ...
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