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Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo's 5G ambitions: people to middle age, competition upgrades

The competition between the big manufacturers has accelerated the conversion of the entire market, the industry is undercurrent, and the more brutal 5G battle between mobile phone manufacturers has begun. Towards the end of the year, the 5G battle fo ...
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Xiaomi Breakout Battle: Two years to invest in the layout and killing of 12 supply chain companies, how many cards does Lei Jun have?

The first-hand ecological chain and the first-hand supply chain have built Xiaomi's investment breakthrough tactics in both product business and technical strength. On October 11th, the release of Xiaomi Refrigerator complemented its market puzzl ...
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随着科技的不断发展,中国的数字经济将会有更快的增长。特别是国际市场研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)的证实。触发因素是发放商用5G使用许可,这将刺激产业升级。IDC总裁霍金杰在一年一度的ICT产业大会IDC Directions 2019上也解释说,未来数字经济将发挥关键作用,可能占全球经济的60%,在中国的份额更高,将达到65%。5G技术的商业化将使数据的收集和交换变得更容易、更快。在上周,工信部向中国广播网和三大电信运营商发放了5G商业牌照,开启了通往新经济的道路。5G技术的商业化将使数据收集和 ...
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区块链作为时下流行的概念,运用在多种领域,今天我们探讨的是如何在融合通信领域的应用。让通信变得更加安全。2017年新春集福活动中阿里再次投入2亿元人民币,引导大众使用它的社交应用,为了在社交应用上占有一席之地不断投入大量资金,效果如何还需要时间检验。腾讯以“通信和社交为核心平台,以微信和QQ为平台作为连接器,搭建生态系统,连接所有人和咨询、服务”的战略也不断蚕食着支付宝的市场份额。两个巨头的拉锯战可能还会继续,定位也可能发生变化,但是融合通信作为社交软件的基础工具其重要性毋庸置疑。在个人社交领域 ...
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What is Web 3.0?

This article byCHRISTINA COMBENwas originally published at Have You Been Wondering What Web 3.0 Is?If you’ve been hanging out with techie friends at a conference lately, you’ve probably heard the term “Web 3.0.” And if you haven’t yet ...
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