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2022 gaming mouse recommendation to choose Logitech or Razer

Two brands that often come to mind when we buy a wireless mouse are Logitech and Razer. Both companies make high-quality mouse products, but there are some key differences between them that make one mouse better than the other. it is good.

Both Logitech and Razer make a wide variety of devices, and which one is best for you or the best will ultimately depend on what the mouse is for, but you can narrow down your choices a bit when you're looking for the best mouse for you.

Each brand is good at different things when it comes to making a great mouse, and if you want to find a better mouse for you, you need to find out which of these companies makes a mouse that really fits your needs.

We've broken down what you need to look for in a mouse, as well as how Logitech and Razer are different, so you can find out who's ahead in Logitech v Razer and who can make a better mouse.

Logitech vs Razer Differences

The difference between Logitech and Razer is that Razer specializes in high-quality gaming mice, Logitech can buy a different line of mice, Razer mice tend to have more buttons and customization, and Logitech mice are more streamlined.

logitech mouse

Logitech makes a variety of mice, each with options for different functions. However, in general, they excel in some areas. Logitech is better than Razer in some aspects of the mouse.

Razer mouse

Razer makes mice similar to those from Logitech, but with some key differences. In terms of responsiveness and DPI, you can find similar levels to Logitech, but generally more expensive for the same DPI. Both are 1600 DPI mice, but Razers tend to be more expensive.

Both Logitech and Razer offer a variety of options when it comes to mice. However, they correspond to different markets, and both companies are known for accurate, responsive mice.

Razer makes a great mouse, and it's often visually distinctive, and you'll pay extra for it. Compared to Logitech, their mice cost more for their looks. And they also offer better options to customize the mouse shortcuts.

Logitech creates a better mouse for core functionality and value, and Razer creates a better mouse for fast multitasking and matching and customizing your PC. So which of these options is the best mouse for you will depend on your mouse needs.

Hand shape and grip

What suits you is the best.

Everyone's hand shape and grip when using the mouse are different, so choose according to your own situation.

According to the size and size of the hands, hand shapes can be divided into large hands, medium hands and small hands.

The standard for hand size division is relatively simple. You can measure it with a ruler. The method of measurement is also very simple. Measure the distance from the fingertip to the wrist, and calculate the length of the hand. Below 17cm is a small hand, and 17-19cm is a medium hand. , 19cm or more is a big hand.

Big hands, as the name suggests, are relatively large, and are generally more suitable for mice with relatively large sizes and a weight of more than 100g. Also, they are ergonomic. The ergonomic mouse has a large contact surface with the palm, and it will be more comfortable to use with big hands.

Small hands are just the opposite of big hands. If the purchased mouse is too large, holding a mouse is the same as holding a post and cannot be manipulated. It is meaningless, let alone feel, so for small hands, we should consider it more The key is operability. Generally, it is better to buy a lighter one.

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