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The Best Gaming Laptops of 2022

Game book recommendation

When we buy a game book, we first pay attention to the three parts of the CPU, graphics card, and screen. At the same time, we must pay attention to the power consumption release and heat dissipation design of the notebook. Because the power consumption design is insufficient, the hardware performance will not work properly. For example, the 100W 3070 is not as good as 140W 3060 results are still very common. The refresh rate and screen effect of the second screen will greatly affect the game experience. The heat dissipation and noise control capabilities of the body will also affect the game.

The best gaming laptops of 2022

Usually the price of game books starts at 5500, and the best-selling models are in the range of 7000-9000 yuan. The products that go up are all added graphics cards or have more special product service designs, such as aliens and the like. When buying a game book, you mainly pay attention to the basic configuration and performance release of the product, and finally consider the brand.

The purchase of game books mainly pays attention to the graphics card and screen:

Entry graphics card: 3050/3050Ti#6000-7000

Mid-range graphics card: 3060/3070#7000+

High-end graphics card: 3080 and above #10000+

The main screen aspects are:

Getting Started: 1080P+144/165Hz

High-end: 2K, 2.5K+165Hz

Flagship: 4K+144hz

The performance release of the notebook computer is closely related to the power supply of the motherboard and the heat dissipation. Generally, products above 6000 are recommended. The following products are basically the previous generation products, or products that have seriously shrunk in terms of screen.

6000 yuan game book recommendation (mechanic, millet)

6000 is the best gaming laptop at the price. Mechanic Xingchen replaced a new abrasive tool this year. At present, this set of 12700H+3050Ti is basically the best performance configuration at this price. Except the screen is not 2K, it is basically an advantage. , that is, you want to buy a 12700H notebook at this price, and it is not a blue sky male model product, currently only a mechanic.

7000 yuan game book recommendation (Lenovo, ASUS)

7,000 yuan, the savior Y7000P has always been a recommended model in the past, mainly because the product performance is good, but the current price increase is outrageous, this product can be purchased at a lower price.

8000 yuan game book recommendation (Dell, ROG)

At the price of 8,000 yuan, you can basically buy the 2022 Dell game box G15. The G15 is a gaming notebook with both productivity and gaming performance. Compared with the past products, the 2022 model has made great progress, and Dell has excellent workmanship and design, as well as after-sales service. It belongs to the industry's top level, and the computer is suitable for most users who do not travel far. The performance improvement of the 12th-generation Core is also very considerable, especially for student players, 3D creators, and video creators. In the case of the price increase, the market price and supply of the game box G15 have always been stable. Compared with last year, the performance and configuration of the new version of this year have been improved by leaps and bounds. The version is optional, and the screen quality is also upgraded to 240Hz. For players who pursue high screen quality and love FPS, they can choose the 3060+2K+240Hz version, and the price is also good. Generally, the following version is recommended for normal purchases, after-sales service Power is the hallmark of Dell. In particular, the M2 of the Dell G15 generation has only one SSD card slot. If the capacity is not enough, it is recommended to move the SSD.

The ROG product LOGO was once called the eye of the prodigal family. Compared with Tianxuan, the external workmanship is better, and the RGB is more cool. At the same time, the screen has been upgraded to 2.5K, and the CPU has also been increased to 6900HX, and the screen adopts a better 2.5+ 165hz, the difference of 1200 yuan is not expensive.

10,000 yuan game book recommendation (Thor, Alien)

Thor 12900H+3070Ti, this is the top configuration that can be bought at present, Thor has fully optimized the performance release on the notebook, and it has also achieved full blood release (similarly higher than HP and Lenovo), which is the most cost-effective at this price. high product. The overall mold shell is also very beautiful, and there is a small nickname called Little Alien.

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