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Are VR glasses/VR all-in-one machines worth buying in 2022? How to choose?

The word "VR" sounds like it has existed in our world for a long time, but in fact it has always been used by a small group of people. After all, when mobile phones, TVs, and monitors have to experience everything, such a The pair of glasses-like objects worn on the head seem to be a little bit backward. However, there is still a universe in the palm of your hand. Although the VR equipment looks small, it has a "giant screen world" that cannot be seen with the inherent screen size of current electronic products.

1. Viewing angle (FOV)

As the name implies, it is the angle of view that people can see. The normal viewing angle of the human eye is 220 degrees, so if you want to achieve the best immersion effect, you must try to get as close as possible to the viewing angle of the common VR devices currently on the market. At about 100 degrees, but there are also some all-in-one products positioned as VR theaters that use a relatively small FOV for a better viewing experience, so you still need to choose according to your own needs.

2. Clarity

Mainly look at three points, resolution, refresh rate and PPI (PPD)

Resolution refers to the number of pixels contained in a unit inch. This concept will be available in mobile phones, TVs and computers. I will not repeat them here. If you want a good viewing experience, you must buy 4K resolution and above.

The refresh rate determines the smoothness of the picture. The current common refresh rate is 80Hz-144Hz.

If the main purpose is to play games, try to buy a VR device with a high refresh rate

PPI refers to the number of pixels that the human eye sees within a certain viewing angle. PPI is a core factor that determines sharpness. Basically, the higher the better. Some manufacturers use PPD to express a similar principle.

3. Tracking accuracy

At present, there are two main points that determine the tracking accuracy of VR equipment. The first is the performance of the positioning system (VR all-in-one machine mainly relies on camera positioning, and PCVR relies on base station positioning), and the second is the handle. High tracking accuracy and low latency are more likely to generate immersion. It is not easy to feel dizzy, and this part basically needs to be measured to be clear.

4. Comfort

After all, VR is a head-mounted digital product, and wearing comfort is also very important. If the device is not comfortable enough, it will be difficult to use it for a long time, and the experience will be greatly reduced. There are three main factors that determine the comfort of VR:

The first is whether to support interpupillary distance adjustment or wearing glasses, which determines whether people with different vision levels can have a good experience, but there are also many products that do not support myopia adjustment, but can be used with glasses. Notice

The second is the weight and distribution method of the device. The lighter the weight, the better. The lighter the weight, the less pressure on the face and the less discomfort it will cause. The weight distribution method is also very important to effectively reduce the weight of the VR eye. Front and rear distribution can be very good to improve comfort

The third is to look at the material of the equipment, mainly the mask, and focus on whether the material of the mask has good air permeability to ensure that it is not easy to sweat when wearing it in summer

5. Additional requirements

There are three main points in this part, film and television resources, game resources and after-sales service. The reason why these are taken out separately is that these are not determined by VR hardware, but this point is also very important, especially for the new players of VR or new players. , There are also many differences between different manufacturers, especially in terms of after-sales service.

Although the current VR equipment cannot bring you a virtual world experience like "Ready Player One", it can also take you to browse a "virtual space" that is different from the real world. It has a sense of immersion in itself.

In the future, with the corresponding technological development, VR equipment will also become more and more popular from a niche. Maybe the scene in the novel that you can be in another world by wearing it is still very early, but at present VR The visual experience that the device can bring has also been able to open a certain prototype. So you might as well start one and try it out, maybe you will open the door to the Metaverse!

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