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Pros and cons of mini washing machines

Advantages and disadvantages of mini washing machines:


1. Small size, the size of the mini washing machine is less than half of the conventional washing machine, so it occupies a very small area. Another advantage of the small size is that it is convenient to carry and move. A conventional washing machine is difficult to move by one person, but a mini washing machine is different. It can be carried by one person.

2. The price is cheap. Regardless of the small size of the mini-washing machine, but "the sparrow is small and complete", the conventional washing machine has all the functions, but the price is often only half of the conventional washing machine or even less.

3. It uses less water. Because of its small size, it uses very little water. Those who have used conventional washing machines know that they use a lot of water every time they wash clothes.


1. The volume is small, because the mini-washing machine has a small capacity. If we have a large population at home, and we have to wash it after a single wash, it will cost more electricity and water, and it will be even less practical.

2. It is not durable. The mini washing machines on the market are all made of plastic casing, which is different from conventional washing. Conventional washing machines are all metal casings, so mini washing machines are not very durable in terms of durability.

3. The power is very small and the rotation frequency is low. Generally, the power of most folding washing machines is around 200W, and the last is the effect of the pulsator. Most of the pulsators in the traditional sense use angular design, but the folding washing machine uses an arc design. , This reduces the space occupation to a great extent, but due to the small arc, during the washing process, for large clothes or dirty clothes, the real decontamination effect cannot be achieved.

So what kind of family is suitable for choosing a mini washing machine?

1. Quantity of laundry: First of all, we have to consider how many people's clothes we have to wash. If it is a person in a rented room, then choosing a mini washing machine that is convenient to carry is a good choice.

2. Functional needs: Nowadays, in order to separate the children’s clothes from the adults when giving birth, some families will also choose a mini washing machine to wash the children’s clothes, so that it can free the mother’s hands without spending much money. It's also worth it.

If we are indeed suitable, how should we choose?

1. Brand: Which brand of mini washing machine is better now? Many big brands like Haier and Midea will also launch mini washing machines. The main work of the washing machine is the motor. The products produced by small manufacturers are not guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales. In fact, they will not be a lot of money. So everyone try to choose Big brands are better.

2. Appearance: The low price of the mini washing machine has a lot to do with the material of the outer casing. As we have said above, most of the mini washing machines are made of plastic casing, so when you choose, you should choose a good plastic material so that you can upgrade the machine. The service life of itself.

3. Dehydration function: Are we buying a mini washing machine with a spin-drying function? This is a question that needs to be considered. Because some manufacturers do not have dehydration function, everyone knows that dehydration function is very important to us, especially in winter. Also consider the dehydration time and dehydration effect.

4. Water and electricity consumption: Whether it is a conventional washing machine or a mini washing machine, we will use water and electricity during use. From an economic point of view, we'd better choose a low-energy machine, so that we will not feel distressed when we use it to wash clothes in the future. Utility bills.

Someone may ask about the choice of function. Most of the folding washing machines on the market now have their own special functions, such as antibacterial protection, pulsator cleaning, or Bacterial antibacterial live oxygen sterilization. It is reflected in the way of washing, so you only need to make a choice according to actual needs.

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