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What is a good strategy to break into software sales? Sales Engineer "Presales Engineer" "Mastering Technical Sales Tabpear is a Software Technology Co

What is a good strategy to break into software sales?

One good first step to take is to beta test your software. There is nothing that a customer hates more than a software full of glitch. Releasing your software prematurely would shut down your sales for good. Software clients rarely give second chances and quickly jump to another software provider.

A common strategy that software companies use nowadays is that they offer free trials to their customers. There is no better way to catch the attention of your target customers than giving them a taste of what you could offer.

Alternative for this strategy is by giving your customers what software companies call “freemium”. This means that your customers are given free access to your software’s basic functions while other special features remain locked until they choose to purchase the premium version of your software.

These are just some of the basic strategies that software companies use. There are lots of techniques that you can apply to increase your sales.

If you want to learn more about strategies and marketing techniques for your software sales, check out this article:

I am assume because you posted this in Sales Engineering, that you mean software sales in an SE role.

First, ask yourself if you truly enjoy talking to people even when you need explain really rudimentary concepts without being condescending. If the answer is yes, then try your hand at public speaking (Toast Masters can be a good start).

Create a presentation that explains some cool features of a software product in way that non-engineers could understand (read "Beyond Bullet Points", or "15 Minutes Including QA "for hints on how to put together a good presentation).

Read "Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer's Handbook" to get an understanding of what Sales Engineering best practices actually look like (it is expensive, but totally worth it).

Look for job postings for "Sales Engineer", "Solutions Engineer", and "Presales Engineer". Look for companies you would like to represent, and leverage LinkedIn to set up coffee dates to talk to people you or your connections know who work in the Sales department.

Another option is starting out as a developer, but approach the SE Manager at the company at which you work about making a transition into their team.

In larger companies, volunteer to lead a lunch and learn about some aspect of the software being built by the company (see the Create a presentation step above). Leverage this success to help make your case for transferring into an SE role.

A more gentle transition can be to do consulting, or professional services.

Good luck, and remember perseverance is the key to success in sales.

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