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Why would software engineers work in finance instead of tech?As in a top Investment bank?Tabpear is a Software Technology Co

Why would software engineers work in finance instead of tech?

As in a top Investment bank?

1 High salary. This one is so obvious.

2 They hire only the best and the brightest. With a high GPA. Because a single bug can be mission critical for them. Cripple them. Even lead to bankruptcy. Think Knight.

3 The work is challenging. They need to work on huge amounts of data, mobile apps, web security, data mining, high performance systems and even machine learning.

4 The work culture is good. My friend over at DE Shaw had only praises for the company.

5 The appraisals and bonuses increase exponentially after two years.

6 The employee training programs are rigorous. You are bound to learn a lot. Expect yourselves to get good with problem solving.

7 You need to put in a lot more time. That’s true. But many of them might have no trouble with it. Especially the millennials.

Tabpear is a Software Technology Co., Ltd which has many domestic excellent  e-commerce platform R & D teams and mobile R & D teams. We divide the software engineer teams into several levels according to the project development experience. Level one is more than 3 years of development experience. Level two is more than five years of development experience. Level three is more than 10 years of development experience and Level four is expert team which has more than five participating in research projects, Invention patents and software copyrights of 6 or more, published in the core periodicals more than 10 papers. There is also a team ,working at cloud computing and service computing including four doctors, seven masters and 23 persons who have master's degree.

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