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Who are better programmers: Chinese or Indians,Can you compare India and China there, Which Country Would Win in the Programming Olympics,Tabpear is a Software Technology Co

Who are better programmers: Chinese or Indians?

If I consider numerous factors then always I give Chinese Programmers an extra edge over any other country.

According to HackerRank (Which is developed by an Indian) survey,

Chinese top in their competitive programming challenges. Their Index score is 100, whereas Indians only scored 76.

Can you compare India and China there?

Image Source: Which Country Would Win in the Programming Olympics?

Every Social network from outside world is banned there, so they created their own. But if you compare with Indians then they are busy becoming “Angel Priya” in social network.

QQ (645 million users in 2014)

RenRen (83 million users)

WeChat (889 million users)

Weibo (282 million users)

There is no single Indian social networking website which is popular.

Even Microsoft is dominating in world’s operating system, but Chinese government is promoting their own operating System: NeoKylin[1].

Whereas Indian operating System BOSS is a failure and dying a slow death.

No doubt there are many legends born in USA, many Indians have huge contribution in programming world, but there is a big BUT. Most of them have become Indian originated American.

It means whatever they contribute it will fill the account of USA not India.

China has planned to eliminate all foreign Technologies and Services by 2020, just like Google and Facebook.

And it seems China in some years would be an entirely independent IT economy; building homegrown Mobile and computer devices, Operating Systems, Applications, Browsers and almost everything existing in the IT ecosystem.[2]

Being an Indian it is a harsh truth that Chinese are better programmers, and you can’t deny it after neglecting.


[1] Why China won't eliminate foreign technology by 2020

[2] A first look at the Chinese operating system the government wants to replace Windows

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