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What equipment do you need to open a photography shop?

Everyone often hears a sentence: "Photography is poor for three orders, and a single-lens reflex camera ruins your life". Many friends feel that photography is as deep as the sea, and their wallets become increasingly tight after they start playing photography.

The photo studio is very important when taking pictures. It can add points to our photo effects. By adjusting the angle, lighting, and background, we can make the photos more perfect. Taking photos of the belly, as well as the artistic photos and covers of star models, all these are indispensable photography equipment, so what are the studio equipment?

Cameras are well known to everyone, and the equipment that matches the camera includes various zoom lenses, fixed focus lenses, flashes, color filters for various purposes, camera bags, camera tripods, tripods, monopods, camera cleaning tools, shutter cables, etc. , and of course their accessories. Regarding the lighting arrangement, it mainly includes studio flashes, soft boxes, various light stands, reflectors, reflective umbrellas, outdoor shooting lights, video lights, quartz lights, lens caps, and hoods to complete the lighting arrangement. If it is traditional, it also includes printers, magnifiers, safety lights, glazing machines, thermostats, timers, etc. for darkrooms.

How to use lighting equipment?

In the studio, there are reflective umbrellas that reflect light from the back to the subject and a soft light umbrella placed in front of the lights. In addition, the use of soft boxes can make the lights look softer and soften the shadows. Function, if you want to highlight something individually, we can use a snoot to reduce the illumination area of the light source, which is most suitable for modeling light, but there will be shadows, but we can reduce this in three ways. What happens:

1: We can use a single light for lighting, and then use a reflective umbrella, the person photographed by this person will become softer.

2: Add auxiliary light, we can use it in cooperation by adding beams to arrange the picture, a main light, a supplementary light, etc.

3: Fill light for the background. We lighten the background of the shot a little bit, which will reduce the appearance of shadows and make the subject's background less dark. The background may appear pale when shooting, but it is better to pay attention to adjusting the brightness of the background.

Lighting: There are mainly main lights and auxiliary lights. Small photo studios can use three lights, namely main lights, side lights and bottom lights; while photo studios use auxiliary lights, such as backlight and lighting.

Set: The smart choice can be based on personal preferences and local conditions, generally a little more pure set;

Computer equipment: to be equipped with recorder, audio, camera connected or card connection equipment and camera connection equipment, scanner, printer, etc.; install windows system in the software (to install the driver and graphics card), the software in the software to read pictures, play software , photoshop or other necessary software such as our own way, premiere, word, etc.;

Although the pixels of mobile phones are very clear nowadays, when something happens, people are more inclined to go to professional photo studios to take pictures

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