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It's a blessing to be able to travel with pets

As a qualified shit shoveling officer, every time you go out, don't you take small pets out, don't you have a bad conscience?

Just caring about eating, drinking and having fun, and leaving the kitten at home alone and cold, don't you feel that something is wrong?

Now more and more people have been promoted to the shoveling officer. When everyone goes out to play, they may think: "It would be great if I could take my master out for a walk"!

After all, sometimes nature and small animals are more compatible, and watching them have fun outside makes me feel healed! Taking pets out for a walk is already a necessity for some people.

For people who work in different cities, if they still want to stay with their masters in the new city, taking pets to travel by transportation may be one of the things that must be considered.

Japanese photographer Nerishiro travels all over Japan with Shiba Inu

The two Ah Chai blended into the rape blossoms and the retro small train scene in the mountains and plains. The world seemed to stand still at the moment.

Sakura and Shiba Inu are the two mascots of Japan. When they are in the same frame, happiness and beauty are doubled. The word full of vitality probably refers to this scene.

The Shiba Inu of the photographer's family will also smile at the camera. Maybe they were little angels in their previous life. In this life, they came to the world to bring happiness to everyone.

YASUTO's Granny and Shiba Inu

In addition to Nerishiro, another Japanese photographer, YASUTO, took a group of photos of "Grandma and Shiba Inu", which has sparked a lot of discussion on SNS in Japan and China.

The picture condenses the moment that makes people feel happy: the grandmother and Xiaochai look at each other, although the language is not clear, but their emotions are flowing, and each other can feel each other's joys, sorrows and sorrows.

Therefore, in addition to the eye-catching "Shiba Inu + Sakura", the picture of "Shiba Inu + Human + Sakura" seems to be telling a story.

A take-out cage is essential when traveling with pets. It is a good choice to choose a suitable pet travel bag. As a pet moving nest, the pet travel bag must first ensure good ventilation and the padding in the bag. To easily replace and clean the kennel that is used as a pet move, the pet needs to have a spacious room for movement, and the pet can lie down and turn around easily.

The whole bag is very supportive and will not collapse on the back. It can be carried, carried, or slung. One bag can be used for multiple purposes.

The leash is also one of the most important travel equipment. Although it can give pets more free space to have fun when traveling, dogs often get "overwhelmed" and have to be led away when necessary. It is best to choose a leash. A retractable leash!

Pet car mats, when traveling with pets, car mats are very useful, they can prevent naughty dogs from scratching the car seat, and you don't have to worry about them bringing dirt to the car. Pet car mats are generally made of waterproof coating materials, which are waterproof and non-sticky, and can also be pocketed as a whole to ensure the safety of pets.

Pet seat belts are generally dual-purpose: fixed on the car seat belt in the car to ensure the safety of pets; instead of collars when walking. Remember to buy straps that are adjustable, lockable and waterproof and breathable.

Pet tag, a tag with the pet's identity information and owner's contact information, which can be contacted if accidentally lost.

Pet food, usually the most suitable food for your pet's taste, must be stocked with the car, and of course, a food bowl must be provided at the same time.

The car toilet, when encountering traffic jams or on the highway, the pet's sudden urge will make the owner very difficult, and then you need to use the portable car toilet.

Insect repellent spray, when traveling in the wild, bugs and mosquitoes will not only bite the owner. Insect repellent spray can make pets have fun and not be disturbed by fleas, lice and mosquitoes.

2. Precautions before traveling

1 1 hour before departure, take pets for a walk and defecate; 6 hours before departure, feed pets a small amount of food;

2. Cover the car with pads that pets are used to, and place their favorite toys to make them more comfortable;

3 During the journey, roll down the windows to let pets breathe fresh air and prevent motion sickness; find opportunities to let them get out of the car to stretch their muscles or drink water;

4 Do not leave pets alone in the car, the closed car is in the summer sun, and pets are prone to heatstroke in the car;

5. It is best not to put pets in the co-pilot position, let alone hold pets in your arms when driving. The sudden movement of pets is likely to cause the vehicle to lose control and cause serious consequences;

6. It is not advisable to drive for more than 8 hours a day. Driving for a long time is not only physically and mentally exhausting for the owner, but also for pets. It is best to stop the car every 2 hours or so to let the pet get off the car to relieve the fatigue of long-distance travel;

7. It is best to do a physical examination for pets before traveling. Pets who are pregnant, within 2 months of birth or with weak physique should not travel.

Is traveling with pets addictive?

The emerging economy driven by pet tourism cannot be ignored!

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