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A bottle of makeup setting spray shakes off the oil and keeps your makeup clear all day long

High temperature warning, is your makeup ready for the hot summer?

Summer is coming to us with hot weather and unstoppable sweat. As a little fairy, how can you go out without makeup? What if you go out and find love? Greeting the arrival of each day with exquisite makeup is a unique sense of ritual in life! Even in the hot summer season, be a refreshing and beautiful girl!

I believe that there are many sisters like me, each makeup in summer lasts no more than two hours. The delicate makeup that had just been put on was obviously all put on as soon as I went out, and the perfect skin that was carefully created was instantly revealed.

Originally perfect makeup, like a big oil field, it continuously produces oil, and the oily face looks dirty. I really can't stand this greasy face!

How can I not take off my makeup in the hot summer? As a Cantonese living in high temperature weather of more than 30 degrees, I have the most say! If you want to not take off your makeup, you must first find out the reason for taking off your makeup. As the saying goes, know yourself and the enemy, and you will be victorious in a hundred battles. As long as you find the cause of the makeup removal, you can accurately prevent and control it and maintain a delicate makeup throughout the day.

The main reason why makeup is easy to take off in summer is that the sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, and the large output of sebum and sweat makes the whole makeup look greasy and not refreshing at all. If you want your makeup to stay in a fairy state like the weather at 40 degrees, then you must first clarify your skin state and prescribe the right medicine.

1. Girls with dry skin should pay attention to moisturizing every day, otherwise, the powder will make your makeup look bumpy and rough enough that boyfriends dare not touch your face.

2. Girls with neutral skin, congratulations, your skin condition is the most ideal. Under normal circumstances, it is not a problem to maintain delicate makeup all day long.

3. For girls with mixed oily skin, please sympathize with us for a minute. The natural enemy of mixed oily skin is the hot summer, and they dare not go out without carrying all kinds of oil-controlling cosmetics with them.

My real name envy the little sister with neutral skin. As an oily skin, I go out with a big oil field every day, and my mentality is really about to collapse. Cosmetics that do not control oil can already be thrown into the trash for me. I firmly believe that there are no ugly women, only lazy women, and what about naturally oily skin, if I find a suitable anti-shedding makeup, I can also have a delicate makeup with super endurance!

If you want a delicate makeup look, these two steps are indispensable. One is to use oil control and isolation before makeup, and the other is to use the right makeup powder and loose powder. Plus, if you're after a fresh, all-day look, you'll want a makeup setting spray that delivers all-day smooth, silky skin. Compared with the makeup setting powder, the makeup setting spray has a stronger makeup setting effect, and the makeup staying power is always online.

The main ingredients of makeup setting spray are water, moisturizing agent and film-forming agent, which have two functions of moisturizing and setting makeup. It is very convenient to use, just spray it lightly and it will form a film quickly. With two or three sprays, it creates a "second layer" of skin on your face that is not only waterproof, but also oil-resistant, making it easy to create an all-day soft, silky-smooth feel. Don't say that summer is not worthy of refreshing makeup. With makeup setting spray in hand, I have all the clean and clear makeup you want!

Who says oily skin can't have summer? With a makeup setting spray, even the oily skin can have an invincible clear makeup in the hot summer!


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