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What do I truly need to learn and do to become a successful software engineerHow do I become a talented software engineerTabpear


What do I truly need to learn and do to become a successful software engineer?

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Originally Answered: How do I become a talented software engineer?

To become a software engineer, you just need theoretical knowledge, soft skills, and practice coding.

To build theoretical knowledge, read the ACM Classic Books Series.

If you've already worked an office job for a few years, your soft skills are probably strong enough. Otherwise, How To Win Friends and Influence People is still the best book to read.

To get coding practice, work through Free Code Camp's free 1,600 hour open source curriculum.

Once you've built these skills, work through Cracking the Coding Interview to prepare for your interviews.

Use AngelList and LinkedIn to find people you know who work at companies you'd like to work at, and ask them to introduce you to a hiring manager.

You don't need to go back to college or through a bootcamp to become a software engineer. Once you get a software engineering job, you'll become a software engineer.

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