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How to Choose a Home Printer

With the continuous development of office (study) electronics, more and more people have begun to purchase a home printer at home. Home printers are indeed very convenient for study and work. They can not only quickly print the organized materials into The booklet is easy to read, and can gradually develop a good habit of organizing a person's study (work).

Nowadays, printers have also become an essential tool for individuals or businesses. For sure, you can't say that you need a thousand documents and you go to a copy shop.

Of course, friends who have children at home are indispensable, because from time to time they need to print some homework assigned by the teacher or study materials found at night, so how should I choose a home printer?

When you choose a printer, you can consider the following questions:

Do you only need the printing function, or do you need other functions such as copying and scanning?

Color printer, or black and white printer?

Is the connection method a wired connection with a USB data cable, or can it be connected to a mobile device such as a mobile phone through a wireless method such as WI-FI?

What is the quality of the printed output?

How fast is printing?

Inkjet printer, or laser printer?

There are two common types of printing: one is an inkjet printer, and the other is a laser printer.

Generally speaking, spray mode printers will be much cheaper than laser printers. The effect of printing text on a laser printer will be better than that of an inkjet printer, and the text printed by an inkjet printer is more likely to be blurred by water, resulting in missing information; while the effect of printing pictures on an inkjet printer will be better than that of a laser printer. You may not be able to buy a color-printing laser printer at that price point, but you can easily buy a decent color-printing inkjet printer.

Consider your needs clearly: Do you prefer image printing or text printing?

If you mainly print large volumes of text in black and white, then a laser printer will be more suitable for you;

If the demand for text printing is not too large, and some color pictures are often printed, then an inkjet printer will be a better choice.

From photos to posters, from documents to greeting cards, today's printers are no longer limited to printing text; from A4 to Letter Size paper, from plain paper to oily paper, the size and type of paper that today's printers can print are also extremely large expanded and enriched. A printer often aggregates multiple practical functions such as printer, scanner, fax machine and copier, rather than just being used for printing.

Generally speaking, the more functions a printer is equipped with, the better. Indeed, more and more people are choosing printers with all-in-one functions. However, when purchasing, you still have to consider your own needs clearly. After all, there is really no need to spend more money for some functions that you may never use.

If you just print one or two pages or five or six pages of documents from time to time, or one or two to a dozen photos, then the printing speed is actually of no reference value to you, whether it is fast or slow, it may not matter too much feel. However, if you often need to print dozens or even hundreds of pages of documents at a time, or fifty or sixty color posters, then you can clearly feel the different operating experience brought by different printing speeds.

If you have a large number of printing needs at one time, you'd better choose a laser printer. It is a common truism that laser printers generally print faster than inkjet printers. The speed of inkjet printers is indeed improving rapidly, but it is still difficult to compete with similarly priced laser printers.

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