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Are ink screen ebooks more eye-friendly? E-Book versus Print: Which is Better for Eyestrain?

E-book reader is also called electronic paper book reader! It is an eye-free electronic ink screen device specially used for reading. The e-book reader was only used for reading at first, which is a more convenient reading tool, and because it is an ink screen, compared with LCD screens such as mobile phones, it will not cause any harm to human eyes! With the increase of everyone's needs, the reader has also changed a lot in recent years!

The benefits of using an ebook reader

1. E-ink screen, protect eyesight!

At present, in addition to reading paper books, the main reading methods used are mobile phones, pads or electronic paper book readers. Mobile phones are relatively convenient, but like pads, they are all LCD screens. This kind of screen has a certain degree of screen flicker due to its imaging principle. If you read for a long time, our eyes will be easily fatigued and our eyesight will soon decline! The e-book reader uses an electronic ink screen. The electronic screen is composed of ink sacs one by one. The image is displayed through the distribution density of the ink sacs, and the white particles and black particles are changed according to the positive and negative electrodes of the electrode layer under the screen. The distribution of particles, thereby showing different chromaticities on the screen, generally a black and white screen. The new color e-ink screen is just adding colored particles.

2. Improve reading comfort and improve reading efficiency

Now everyone chooses e-book readers to consider more about their own use scenarios and usage needs, such as need to listen to books, need to make notes, need to take notes, need to make annotations and so on! The e-book reader is also in the reading function experience, reading lighting settings and other aspects, so that everyone can have a more comfortable and more experience.

3. Be able to make full use of your fragmented time

When we wait for the bus, wait for a seat, and wait for business, we will generate fragmented time. This fragmented time should be wasted or used for entertainment. Due to the inconvenience of paper books, reading is very important. Less, but if you have an e-book reader, then this easily wasted time can be used to read.

4. Large storage, let yourself master the book building at any time!

Generally, paper books are relatively heavy. Each page of a normal book basically weighs about 2g, so a book can basically reach 400-500g, and an e-book reader is between 100-300g, which can store Ten thousand books, a small body has a large capacity!

Reading e-books has long been a part of everyone's life. Convenient and lightweight e-books are more portable. E-readers are not limited to traditional devices such as computers and mobile phones. The emerging e-book readers are gradually accepted by us. The advantage of the e-ink screen is that the display effect is highly similar to the reading experience of paper, which is suitable for reading for a long time. It is more comfortable for users to use and protects the eyes than the traditional display screen, and it is very power-saving.

In the technology industry, the rapid advancement of technology can quickly discard everything that is out of date. Stories ranging from booming to rapidly debilitating are constantly being played out. But on the ink screen, the rhythm seems to change. By many metrics, it appears to be a product of an era that should be eliminated. But under the reading demand, it successfully survived. It is undeniable that the ink screen is not the mainstream, but there is still no perfect replacement for it. For a long time, it will maintain a small and beautiful status.

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