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Advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters

The appearance is very stylish, very small, and foldable, even if you take a bus, it is no problem. If you are walking around or going outside, it is a very good small leisure transportation, mainly because it is very convenient to carry. The electric scooter has good performance.

Features of electric scooter:

The skateboard has the characteristics of fission resistance, deformation resistance, high cold resistance, and very wear-resistant. The aluminum alloy bracket and base are strengthened, which is not easy to break, and the surface of the skateboard is printed with various beautiful patterns. The skateboard can move forward by twisting the body reliably. It does not need to push and slide with the feet. It can do various fancy changes. With the waist twisting exercise, it can achieve a significant weight loss effect, and can enhance the personal balance ability of entertainment and fitness activities.

The prosperity of the city is inevitable with traffic congestion. The recent hot shared bicycles have indeed brought a lot of convenience to everyone's travel, but the random parking, disorderly, and private use of shared bicycles have brought some obstacles to management. Generally, shared bicycles are also used for short-distance travel, which takes about half an hour. It is estimated that you will choose other modes of transportation if you are farther away.

Speaking of the No. 9 electric scooter, it should be considered relatively familiar. As a technology company invested by Xiaomi Heshunwei, Ninebot is an earlier manufacturer of balance scooter in China. Later, the No. 9 electric scooter launched in cooperation with Xiaomi attracted in the digital circle. After a lot of response, the new No. 9 electric scooter PLUS version was launched before. The release of the No. 9 electric scooter was just last month.

I have experienced the Mi 9 electric scooter. At the beginning, it takes a certain skill to get on the bike, especially in the operation of balance and turning. It takes a while. For electric scooters, I have played three-wheeled bicycles before and have many years of bicycle riding experience. This time, it is very easy to get started with the No. 9 electric scooters. Let me briefly summarize the feeling of riding the No. 9 electric scooter during this period:

Advantages: appearance, quality, no jumpers, simple design, the best looking, the most compelling scooter, no controversy.

Stable, good shock absorber, full body hard steel structure, heavy weight, so it is also stable. Because of the trust in his stability, our three-year-old son can stand in front and hold the pole during the test drive, feeling safe and secure. Weighing is even more okay, although there is no 100kg model, the 70kg father takes the 25kg son properly.

Simple operation. Cruise at a constant speed of 5 seconds without long pressing the flakes. The cruise at constant speed is very sensitive and easy to use. The paddle-style throttle is a qualitative leap from the enhanced acceleration experience that has been tried before, and the paddles are also very easy to move. , One thumb is easy to move and the distance is not too high, and it is easy to accelerate or decelerate with a slight fluctuation. The data on the display is clear and concise, and the most important information can be obtained by scanning the periphery. It can be easily operated when the IQ is 5 years old. .

Disadvantages: 1. Heavy weight, even though there is a wheel that is convenient to fold up, it feels heavy. However, self-respect and driving stability are contradictory, and it is difficult to adjust.

2. Compared with the full car itself, the app design has no shortcomings and no bright spots. The main content of the app is community and social interaction. But I personally never open an app when I ride a bike.

3. Braking, the car provides two braking modes, front wheel and rear wheel. Because of the front-wheel drive, the electric brake is on the front wheel, which can stop a fast-moving car in an instant, but you know this sourness. The rear wheel is mechanically braked, and it feels like it is used for downhill at a constant speed. The official recommendation is to brake instantly at high speed, and it is recommended that the front wheel + the rear wheel.

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