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coil ceramic definition

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What is everyone's view of electronic cigarettes in life, will you think she is cool, in fact, in addition to the sense of technology in the appearance of electronic cigarettes, the technology used in some high-quality electronic cigarette cores cannot be underestimated. Our protagonist today, ceramic coils, is one of them, but before talking about ceramic coils, I think I must talk to you about a very amazing raw material, ceramics.

According to the data, the earliest pottery in the world comes from the Xianren Cave site in Jiangxi, China, which has a history of more than 20,000 years, which is much earlier than the birth of human civilization. As a production tool of that era, ceramics are still frequently used in major fields. At this stage, ceramics can be roughly divided into three types: glass, ceramics and glass ceramics, some people may question, is glass also a ceramics, which does not look the same? But in fact, these three materials belong to silicate materials from a chemical point of view, and whether at home or abroad, the curriculum of glass and ceramics is almost the same. Therefore, it can be seen that the application of ceramics is extremely extensive, from high-temperature resistant coatings on rockets, optical fibers that transmit information, to toilet rings and pots and pans, to a tile under your feet, to the integrated circuit substrate of the pacemaker, its wide applicability, so that countries around the world are paying more and more attention to the research of advanced ceramic materials. The same is true in the field of electronic cigarettes, SMOORE, as the leading enterprise of atomizers, began to use ceramic materials as research objects in the early years to study their improvement of atomizers. The combination of two seemingly unrelated things often collides with the spark of surprise, and after countless experimental explorations by our professionals, ceramics were born as a new atomizer body, leading the ceramic core market with the affirmation of all parties. Of course, it is not enough to have a carrier, and the impact of heating technology on the final quality of electronic cigarettes is also crucial, such as SMOORE's early black ceramic coated atomization core In order to ensure a multi-faceted taste, the metal film is combined with ceramic conductors, and the porous ceramic is sintered into a bowl-like structure at high temperature for storing cigarette oil, using the surface tension and capillary effect of porous ceramics, so that the cigarette oil can evenly penetrate into the atomization core, and adsorbed on the surface of the atomization core, so as to atomize the cigarette oil more evenly.

Of course, this is just one of the products of the SMOORE brand, it has been a few years since the launch of the black ceramic coated atomization core, SMOORE will carry out upgrade research every year, just in 2022 our budget for basic research is close to 300 million dollars, until the end of this year, SMOORE has also launched many excellent products, if you are interested in learning more, welcome to visit the SMOORE official website at any time.


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