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should i buy apple watch s7 or s8

Compared with the previous generation, apple watch serie 7 has obvious upgrades in screen, color matching, battery life, and functions, but more optimization and improvement in product details. The appearance of this watch is still the official round shape, the dial size has increased from the original 40mm model to 41mm, and the 44mm model has increased to 45mm.

In addition, apple watch serie7 is equipped with S7 SiP 64 dual-core processor, which has faster response speed and better battery life than the previous generation. It is worth noting that while Apple Watch Series 7 is compatible with Apple's own multi-power chargers, it also supports third-party USB-C interface chargers, which can adapt to different charging occasions for different users.

Apple watch serie8 will add a body temperature measurement sensor for the first time, adding health management functions and car accident detection functions; it is equipped with a 64-bit dual-core S8 SIP chip; the watch panel still uses an aluminum metal case with a lon-x glass watch/stainless steel case With sapphire glass crystal; IP6X dustproof.

In terms of price, the starting price of the 41mm dial of the apple watch serie 8 is 2999 yuan, and the starting price of the 45mm dial is 3199 yuan.

In terms of performance, the s8 will be better. Therefore, if you have a higher pursuit of the Apple Watch and are not in a hurry to use the watch, it is recommended to buy the s8.

Wrist temperature sensing for women's health

The menstrual cycle is one of the important health indicators, and many doctors also regard it as a sign of assessing personal health. Apple Watch Series 8 is equipped with an innovative temperature sensing function, allowing women to further understand their health status, and the data has the same privacy protection as other health data.

Apple Watch Series 8 uses a dual-sensor design to sense body temperature in a unique way: one sensor is located on the back of the watch close to the wrist, and the other is directly below the display, reducing the deviation caused by the external environment.

Wrist temperature at night can better reflect overall body temperature. Apple Watch Series 8's sensors measure wrist temperature every five seconds and can detect changes as low as 0.1°C. In the Health app, users can see changes in their nighttime body temperature compared to their baseline body temperature, which can be caused by exercise, jet lag, or even illness.

With Apple Watch Series 8's new body temperature sensing feature, users can receive information about ovulation retrospectively. Knowing when you're ovulating or helping with family planning, these estimates from Apple Watch Series 8 can make family planning easier and more convenient. In addition, the body temperature sensing function can also provide more accurate menstrual prediction.

What's the difference between Apple Watch S8 and S7?

iwatch buy s7 or wait for s8

Should I buy apple watch 7 or wait for 8? 

In 2022, should apple watch buy s7 or wait for s8

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