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Air shoes for running: they feel like stepping on cotton!

The weather is getting warmer, and the good weather for running is back. Wouldn't this good weather be let down by not having a hearty run? For runners, having a pair of running shoes is more difficult than finding a runner to run with. Runners can't be on call, but comfortable running shoes can keep you safe. Running shoes don't have to be cool, but they have to be comfortable.

Running is a sport that has a strong impact on the body. An unsuitable pair of running shoes will not only affect the feel of the feet, but also cause damage to the bones of the feet and knees for a long time. This damage is irreversible, so it's important to have a pair of running shoes before running.

How do you know if a pair of running shoes is right for you?

1. Choose running shoes according to your foot shape

The soles of the feet play a very important role in bearing and exerting force in the sport of running. For runners with different foot types, the types of running shoes that are suitable are also different. If you can't judge your foot shape, then you can observe the wear of the soles of the shoes you wear.

a. The inner and outer sides of the forefoot wear evenly - normal feet, basically suitable for running types on the market.

b. The outer side of the forefoot is worn more - inversion, suitable for running shoes with cushioning and shock absorption.

c. The inner side of the forefoot is worn more - eversion, suitable for wearing stable and supportive running shoes.

2. Choose running shoes according to your weight

Running is a national sport, and runners of different weights experience different impacts during running. Therefore, weight is also an important criterion when choosing running shoes. The heavier the weight, the higher the level of running shoes.

3. Choose running shoes according to functional requirements

Under the premise of fully considering foot shape and weight, different runners have different performance requirements for running shoes. Cushioning and shock absorption are performances that all runners pay great attention to, and they should choose suitable running shoes according to their individual needs.


For myself, the reason why I don't like running is that the impact of the sole of the foot and the ground on the foot during running is too great, and the comfort plummets. Shoes that don't tire your feet when you start running will make all runners love running even more! Running in the wrong shoes not only makes you more tired, but also causes irreversible damage to your body. Therefore, it is really important to have a pair of running shoes that suit your situation!

If you want to choose a pair of shoes that are most suitable for running, then the air-cushioned shoes with both shock absorption and cushioning are definitely the first choice. Air-cushioned shoes are the most popular running shoes among runners in recent years.

The unique design of the air cushion can reduce the impact of the sole of the foot and the ground, and play a role in protecting the ankle from injury. In addition, the cushioning performance of the air cushion greatly improves the comfort of wearing, and every step is like stepping on cotton. A pair of comfortable running shoes will make you love running even more!

Why are air-cushioned shoes favored by consumers? Because air-cushion shoes not only have strong shock absorption, cushioning performance, but also very light. Running a marathon is easy. In addition to being suitable for running, air-cushion shoes are also a pair of works of art in walking. Who can say that this pair of high-tech air-cushion shoes cannot be called a fashion item? Simple and lightweight, it can be worn by anyone.

A pair of fashionable air-cushion shoes, comfortable and breathable, can accompany you through every spring, summer, autumn and winter, and every step is a different kind of enjoyment!



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