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Xiaomi/Redmi mobile phone purchase recommendations in 2022

Xiaomi mobile phone is currently the top mobile phone brand in the world. Its products are famous for their "super high cost performance".

Compared with other brands, Xiaomi phones have three major advantages:

1. High cost performance of hardware, most Xiaomi models have high cost performance of hardware at the same price.

2. MIUI has rich small functions and considerate localization experience.

3. Interconnection between Xiaomi mobile phones and Xiaomi smart home products.

At present, Xiaomi has two main brands in China-Xiaomi and Redmi.

1. The Xiaomi brand is positioned on high-quality mid-to-high-end models, and is biased towards the offline market:

Xiaomi MIX series, positioning the top flagship machine, price range 5000+

Xiaomi digital series, positioned as a high-end flagship machine, focusing on the ultimate experience, price range 3000-7000

Xiaomi Civi series, targeting young people’s trendy camera phones, benchmarking against OPPO Reno series, vivo S series and Huawei nova series, price range 2000-4000

2. The Redmi brand is positioned in the low-end and extreme cost-effective models, and is biased towards the online market:

Redmi K series, positioning cost-effective flagship machine, price range 2000-4000

Redmi Note series, positioning cost-effective thousand yuan machine, price range 1000-2500

The Redmi digital series is positioned as a cost-effective entry-level machine, an affordable choice for parents, elders or children, and the price range is below 1,000.

Recommendations for purchasing Xiaomi models

1. Suggestions for purchasing

First determine your budget, then clarify your needs, which features are very important, and which are not so important in your future use, and finally find the model you are satisfied with by comparing several models at the same price. Otherwise, looking at each model will be confusing, and you don’t know which one to buy.

After determining the budget, it is recommended to consider the processor performance, screen quality, appearance design, camera, video shooting, fast charging, battery life, weight feel, infrared remote control, speaker type, NFC, mobile phone heat dissipation, etc. when purchasing a mobile phone.

Each mobile phone must have its advantages and disadvantages at the same price, but they are all relative, not absolutely good or bad, please look at it objectively. The important thing is that most of its advantages are what you care about, and its disadvantages are what you don't care about.

2. Classification and recommendation according to needs

Pursue excellent photos: Mi 12S, Mi 12S Pro, Mi 12S Ultra;

Pursuit of thin and light feel: Mi 11 Youth Vitality Edition, Mi Civi series, Mi 12S;

Pursuit of long battery life: Redmi 10A, Redmi Note11 series, Redmi Note12 series, Redmi Note11T series, Redmi K50;

Pursue powerful performance: Redmi Note11T Pro series, Redmi K50 series, Mi 12s series;

Pursue gaming experience: Redmi Note11T Pro series, Redmi K40S, Redmi K50 series, Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition, Mi 12s series;

Pursue high-quality screens: Redmi K50 series, Mi 12s series;

Pursue excellent workmanship: Mi 12s series, Mi MIX Fold 2;

Advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi mobile phones

Advantages of Xiaomi phones

Smartphones are the core business of Xiaomi Corporation. It can have a group of loyal fans at home and abroad. Its mobile phone products have the following advantages:

The hardware design of the mobile phone conforms to the hand shape and usage habits of Chinese people, and the stacking materials are quite in place, with both look and feel.

The MIUI system based on the in-depth development of the Android system is very delicate and user-friendly. At the same time, it collects suggestions from Mi Fan and continuously optimizes it.

Most mobile phones use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, which ensures that the advantages of mobile phone performance are unambiguous, even for the cheapest mobile phones.

Compatibility is good, most software has no restrictions, and the playability is high.

The most important thing is cost performance, the same configuration, the price is much cheaper than other brands!

Disadvantages of Xiaomi phones

On the road of pursuing cost-effectiveness, Xiaomi mobile phones have been improving their technology, but there are also many shortcomings, which are no problem if they can be accepted:

It is an old problem of Xiaomi mobile phones to get hot, mainly because of the excessive pursuit of high performance in the early stage and neglect of power consumption. It is understandable that the mobile phone is hot and the battery is not durable. After 10 years of technical support, the new Xiaomi's heating Gradually improve.

There are a lot of advertisements on mobile phones. Because of the low price, Xiaomi relies on advertisements and other products to monetize, which affects the user experience a bit.

Quality control is not very good, the same model of mobile phone may have different problems, consumers sometimes have to rely on luck.

Xiaomi mobile phones are only sold online, and most of the time they can only be sent for repairs. The after-sales process still needs to be improved.

Some popular models of Xiaomi are often "hard to find", which makes some consumers dislike its "hunger marketing".

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