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World Leading Closed Pod System Provider

Traditional cigarettes have been popular for a long time, and the health threats they bring to individuals have always been worrying, but I believe most smokers have felt the difficulty of quitting smoking. We provide a buffer platform. Anyone who has contact with e-cigarettes should understand that the core of e-cigarettes lies in the atomization system, and the experience and safety of e-cigarettes are all borne by the atomization system. The popularity of e-cigarettes has led many manufacturers to invest in production. The low threshold of e-cigarette manufacturing technology makes the technology of e-cigarette manufacturing factories uneven. Small manufacturers even produce inferior disposable e-cigarettes in order to reduce costs. These e-cigarettes look like toys, with simple packaging, cheap plastic casings, unspecified e-liquid ingredients, and even packaged ternary products with nothing.

The reason why it is said that the technical threshold for e-cigarette manufacturing is low is because the overall principle and structure of e-cigarettes is very simple, but in fact, there are still many problems that require high-tech capabilities to solve if we really need to seriously study and manufacture high-end products. In the face of heating technology upgrades and process requirements, as well as e-cigarette players requirements for the taste, layer, and concentration of products after atomization, large manufacturers are still pursuing better atomization technology. For example, SMOORE is a world leading closed pod system provider, specializing in atomization. There are many atomization technologies used in electronic cigarettes, the common ones are cotton core heating, porous ceramic core heating, metal grid heating, etc. Due to the uneven oil conduction of the cotton wick, the cotton wick absorbs oil saturated after standing for a long time, resulting in the inability to fully atomize the stored e-liquid after being heated with the metal wire. Oil leakage is easy to occur, and there are few e-cigarettes that use cotton cores on the market. At present, the most common is the porous ceramic atomization technology. The FEELM brand under SMOORE is an expert in this field and the first company to develop and use this technology. Based on the world's leading ceramic coil heating technology, SMOORE TECH makes it a provider of high-quality The brand of pod system solutions, many brands of electronic cigarettes at home and abroad use FEELM atomizing cores. As a representative of porous ceramic core heating, FEELM black ceramic atomizing core has breakthroughs in many aspects. If you magnify the ceramic of the FEELM black pottery film-coated atomizing core tens of thousands of times, you will find that there are hundreds of millions of micro-nano pores in a ceramic core, and this small piece of ceramic material and metal all over the micro-pores The combination of membranes constitutes the core component of the electronic atomizer. The porous ceramic material of the atomizing core is sintered at a high temperature, and many tiny micropores are formed inside, and the average pore diameter is equivalent to one-fifth of a hair. These tiny micropores are the key to the FEELM black pottery film-coated atomizing core to achieve stable liquid conduction and liquid lock functions. Due to surface tension and capillary action, the liquid can evenly penetrate into the atomizing core and be adsorbed on the surface of the atomizing core. Therefore, compared with atomizing cores made of other materials, the temperature of SMOORE Internationals black pottery film-coated atomizing core will rise faster during the heating process, with better temperature uniformity and more precise temperature range control. , to minimize the production of aldehydes and ketones during use, so as to ensure the safety of the use process, and at the same time avoid local carbonization, effectively reducing the pain point of the "burnt smell" industry.

In the current general environment, SMOORE also uses its own atomization technology to research medical and beauty research to enrich the social value of the company. I believe that through our continuous technology collision, it will soon bring benefits to everyone's life. More surprises.



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