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Online part-time job recruitment ,Work At Home Online Part Time jobs ,Permanent recruitment

Permanent recruitment of the following staff

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1.Advertising promoters

Requirements: 3 hours working time per day.

Daily salary: $45, profit plus commission 1% (calculated according to profit amount)

, the salary paid after 15 days

2. Part-time trader 

Requirements: Experience in stock 

operation is preferred. Working 2-6 hours a day

Daily salary: $88, profit plus commission 1% (calculated according to profit amount)

, the salary paid after 15 days

3. Financial advisor

Requirements: Financial management experience is preferred,

Monthly salary: 3000-6000 US dollars, profit plus commission 1% (calculated according to profit amount), the salary paid after 15 days

4. Online part-timers

Requirements: According to the task every day, the commission can be obtained after completion.

Settlement: The salary is settled according to the number of tasks, and the settlement period is for every 100 tasks.

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