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What to do if the wooden chair shakes

I found on the Internet that many netizens are more concerned about what to do when the wooden chair is swayed. My friends must be very interested in the content of what to do when the legs of the wooden chair are swayed. They all want to know why under the specific stool. What the triangle is talking about, we will explain in detail in three parts. The first part is the loosening and strengthening of the backrest chair. The second part is how to fix the wooden chair. The third part is the strongest glue for sticking the wood.

The general connection method of a wooden chair is a tenon-and-mortise structure. Carefully observe the chair and find whether the tenon is falling off. Apply two layers of white glue on the protruding part of the tenon, and then put the white glue on the tenon back to the original position. When needed, you can use a rubber mallet to help reinstall it. Finally, wipe off the excess white glue with a damp cloth, so that the chair will not be loose and shaken. You can buy a chair.

Every family has at least one or two wooden stools. After all, wooden furniture always keeps the room warm. In the cold winter, wooden stools made of other materials will not be too cold. If you also like wooden stools, you must continue to observe them. The monkey Gigi below will show you how to solve the problem of loose and swaying wooden stools.

   The first step in dealing with the shaking problem is to prepare a tool kit of chair repair materials.

   The materials and tools needed to repair the woodworking workbench include rubber hammers, brushes, bicycle inner tubes, emery cloth, white glue, rags, secondary primer, varnish and banana oil.

   The second step in dealing with the shaking problem is to check the reason for the looseness of the chair and whether the tenon has fallen off.

The third step of dealing with the shaking problem: If it is a tenon problem, you can apply white glue on the front and back of the protruding part of the tenon, and then with the help of a rubber hammer, use the white glue to put the tenon back in place.

The fourth step in dealing with the shaking problem: Use a hammer to reposition the chair that has lost its tenon.

The fifth step of dealing with the shaking problem is to fasten the entire chair back and forth with the inner tube, then fasten the adhesive part with a rubber hammer, and finally wipe off the excess white rubber with a damp cloth, so that the chair is repaired.

Tighten the screws connecting the leg frame and the panel, the leg frame brace and the panel, and the bottom and the cross brace connected to the leg frame are firmly connected. If the above two methods do not work, it means that your table should be retired, if you buy it Furniture (panels) such as wood-based panels move back and forth after a long time. It is estimated that its nail-holding power is almost gone, causing shaking.

Just stick it with glue. Porcelain welding AB is very sticky, suitable for wood and plastic materials. It can be fixed for one day.

The school desk shakes, this cannot be changed, and can only be remedied on the existing desk. There may be three reasons for the shaking: the table legs are not flat, causing it to sway. The structure of the table is unstable and the screws are loose. Yours The back table just likes to swing the table. So the right medicine: For the first case, put something under the legs of the table, such as cardboard.

It is easy to encounter violent shaking during transportation. The "four-legged" method can be adopted for stacking bed and chair furniture, so that it is not easy to damage after lowering the center of gravity. Other furniture also needs to be placed reasonably, mainly between furniture and furniture. Don't leave too much gap.

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