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What is the best pod in the world?

What is the best pod in the world?

Shenzhen, China is known as the "Valley of Fog" of global e-cigarettes, accounting for 90% of the global production and export of e-cigarettes. Then someone will ask What is the number one pod provider ? If you pay attention to the domestic and foreign markets of the industry, you will definitely remember the name SMOORE . From the perspective of electronic cigarette products, the categories currently on the market are mainly closed and open. The former has both taste and portability, occupying 60%-70% of the market share; the latter can replace the heating wire and battery, and can also replace different e-liquids (atomizing liquids). SMOORE is an expert in the research and production of closed atomizers.

SMOORE developed the core technology of atomization in 2016, and created it into a technology brand in the following two years, which was applied to closed pod products. When everyone is still gradually understanding the concept of e-cigarettes, SMOORE has already started to research higher-end products. In 2019, SMOORE further developed ceramic heating element technology, transforming e-cigarette products from "fiber rope" and "cotton core" The promotion to the stage of "ceramic atomizing core" has opened the "ceramic era" of the electronic atomization industry. SMOORE TECH has applied an anti-leakage liquid system in the atomization, and adopted a chip self-learning algorithm to greatly increase the atomization degree of molecular particles, which has achieved a major milestone in the technological progress of the electronic cigarette industry. Smoore's atomization technology is widely recognized, and sales have skyrocketed, but it has not stopped because of this. In the past two years, SMOORE's investment in research and development has only increased. As of June 30, 2022, SMOORE has 4 research centers in the United States and 10 research centers in China. R&D staff account for more than 40%, and more than 100 of the over 1,400 researchers are Doctoral degree or higher. Up to now, SMOORE has applied for 4337 patents worldwide. SMOORE knows very well that as a product to be consumed, the experience of consumers is particularly important. No matter what industry you are in, if you master the core technology, you will have more customer cooperation. Therefore, maintaining high investment in research and development,is a commitment to one's own strength from SMOORE.

In the end, no matter whether it is the number one manufacturer of atomization products in everyone's mind, SMOORE will stick to its original intention and do its best. In addition, new industrial chain opportunities are also brewing. Smoore will adopt a diversified product portfolio and explore the application of electronic atomization technology in other industries. Smoore's steam equipment manufacturing process and technology will further prove its industrial value.



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