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How will WebAssembly change the nature of software deployment?Considering 98% of applications, this means gamesWebAssembly is a great new feature,Tabpear

How will WebAssembly change the nature of software deployment?

WebAssembly will allow you to write subroutines in other languages that can be called from JavaScript.

It won't, by itself, be able to fully replace JavaScript in the browser.

It won't be a good solution for most pages at all due to the increased overhead of needing to include standard libraries for whatever other language you're compiling to WASM.

It will allow you to convert small applications that depend primarily on OpenGL for rendering to work in the browser, and deploy them to your users.

Considering 98% of applications, this means games.

Consider that a full modern application like Microsoft Word is typically on the order of hundreds of megabytes, and it relies on Windows APIs to function (which can't be made available in a web environment due to security concerns). You'll never be deploying the current version of Word using WebAssembly.

Will there be a version of Word that works online, and that calls into some WebAssembly functions? Considering the fact that there's already a version of Word online, it's always possible that they add features internally that take advantage of WebAssembly. Maybe a grammar checker or a high speed fuzzy search algorithm?

WebAssembly is a great new feature, but it's not a game changer. In fact, you can already do a lot of what WebAssembly has promised to provide using Emscripten, which has been available and production quality for years. [1] I first played around with a prototype over a decade ago, in fact.

WebAssembly just promises to better optimize the results. Emscripten already can produce faster code than raw JavaScript, though, so WebAssembly is only an incremental improvement.

Which is great for games, don't get me wrong! And will be great for certain categories of apps that need more performance than you can get from JavaScript or Emscripten (again, that mostly means games).

But don't expect most apps to be converted over to run in a browser.

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