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Volkswagen Convertible Beetle

This time, Great Wall launched a new energy car called Euler at the Chengdu Auto Show. Its appearance can be said to imitate the design of the Volkswagen Beetle, which is a restoration of the classics. Everyone knows that the Volkswagen Beetle has been discontinued for a year. Countless people feel sorry for the discontinuation of the Beetle. After all, half a century of classic models have come to an end, and they always feel that something is missing, but the good news is here, and Volkswagen officially announced A piece of heavy news, the Beetle is about to "resurrect"!

Recently, overseas media reported that Volkswagen has registered an e-beetle model name, and everyone knows that beetle translates to beetle, and the letter e stands for new energy. It seems that Volkswagen really wants to resurrect the beetle! In terms of appearance, although e-beetle still maintains the shape of the traditional fuel version, the details also add the classic design of Volkswagen ID.3, which is full of technological elements as a whole. Especially this C-shaped daytime running light, compared to the old model, is more fashionable and dynamic, full of vitality!

We don't know exactly what it is, but according to the practice of the Beetle, this car is definitely not cheap, especially this time the Beetle was cut off by the Great Wall Euler cats. The future of e-beetle in China is really not good! The price of the fuel version has exceeded 200,000, and I think the price of the pure electric version will definitely start at 300,000! There are too many models to choose from at this price. For example, Tesla and BYD have many classic models. If you want to succeed, there is still a certain degree of difficulty!

Recently, the 2021 convertible beetle appeared. As a classic model of Volkswagen, it has been discontinued and sold for many years in China, but the popularity of the model has not subsided. It has recently returned to use a brand-new exterior design, and the overall price level is 20 Compared with the BMW mini models within 10,000 yuan, the unique style and design concept have become a generation classic, so the overall competitiveness and advantages of this new convertible model are quite obvious.

The overall appearance of the model is still the design concept and design style of the old model, but significant changes have been made in the detail processing, so that the model has a certain youth and fashion period. The Volkswagen Beetle itself is a fusion of retro, modern and Designed all-round models. First of all, they used the design of old models and Volkswagen classic cars in terms of design concepts. In terms of positioning, they were a sporty and youthful personality model, including two large round lights and overall line design. Recognizable.

The interior and appearance of the model are not very compatible. As a personalized classic model, the overall interior even adopts the Volkswagen family design style. The overall interior is relatively old-fashioned and lacks personalized design. For the Volkswagen Beetle , The overall style is more appropriate to use the mini interior. A round dial can be used. The round central control round buttons can better match the style of the model.

The model is still very competitive in terms of power. It is equipped with Volkswagen’s most prominent 2.0T turbocharged engine and a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The overall power performance is very good, and there is enough driving feeling, and the driving texture is also relatively good. competitive.

Summary: The overall positioning of the brand-new Volkswagen Beetle is still a sporty, fashionable, young and personalized model, including the appearance. Both the power and the power are excellent, but the interior performance is quite satisfactory.

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