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SMOORE Vape Manufacturer In China

Vape Manufacturer In China

In recent years,the vaping industry seems that there are new and improved electronic cigarette devices or new electronic cigarette systems in every corner, and various electronic cigarette brands are constantly updating and iterating, and the products launched are more suitable for the market and cater to consumers' tastes. Most of the e-cigarette products currently on the market are realized by atomization, so they are also called "liquid e-cigarettes". Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have a variety of flavors and are relatively affordable, so whether it is from the perspective of health or price, e-cigarettes have become the first choice of many friends.

As we all know, traditional electronic cigarettes are composed of fuel tanks and atomizers. The Pod system does not use the traditional electronic cigarette structure, but uses a "pod". Compared with them, the form of electronic cigarettes they provide will be more portable. So as to bring users a better experience. In this regard, as the world's leading atomization technology leader-Smoore International has also invested a lot of research in this area. SMOORE International is a well-known electronic cigarette brand. For more than 20 years, SMOORE has been continuously increasing investment in basic research in the field of technological innovation, so as to achieve objective materialized research results. In 2022, SMOORE's investment in scientific research accounts for more than 10% of the company's turnover, and the investment in research and development is as high as 1.68 billion yuan, and the investment in basic research accounts for more than 30% of the total investment in scientific research. Emphasis on brand technology innovation.

Smoore's scientific and technological strength is not only reflected in the investment of funds, but also in the allocation of scientific and technological personnel. As of June 30, 2022, Smoore has 14 research institutes, including 10 Chinese research institutes and 4 American research institutes. Institute. The reason why Small has become a leading enterprise in the industry is that it has never fallen. A large number of patents have achieved the lasting competitiveness of atomization technology, involving 4337 patents in the fields of liquid storage, heating element, temperature control, and anti-leakage. Among the talents absorbed, scientific researchers account for more than 40%, more than 1,400 R&D experts and more than 100 doctors.

At present, SMOORE's main business is mainly divided into tobacco companies, the electronic culture and technology manufacturing of enterprise customers, that is, ODM business, and the retail business (APV) of its own brand. As a leading enterprise in the electronic cigarette industry, SMOORE's quality is complete. You can rest assured that SMOORE not only has high-quality standard products, but also has a complete agency processing system. If you have relevant cooperation needs, you can contact us. I believe we will become each other's loyal partners!


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