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How to choose a vacuum flask

Do you know? In coffee shops such as Starbucks, in order to ensure the flavor and temperature of the coffee, someone specially asks the clerk to put the coffee in an insulated water cup and drink it. A stylish insulated water cup that is not only practical and convenient to hold in your hand when going out, you can enjoy hot drinks for a long time, and you will feel more delicious when you drink it. However, there are many types of insulated water cups, such as stainless steel and plastic materials. I believe many friends will feel confused when they decide to buy.

The water cup with good heat preservation effect can keep hot drinks hot for a long time, especially suitable for use in cold winter. In recent years, in addition to the appearance, the functionality of the insulated water cup has gradually improved.

First of all, let us introduce to you the four points that you have to pay attention to when choosing a thermal water cup.

Pay attention to the effect of heat preservation? Double vacuum structure

Whether there is a vacuum layer, it can be said that it directly determines the insulation effect of an insulated water cup. The insulated water cup with double-layer vacuum structure can prevent heat from escaping outward through heat conduction.

In addition, because the vacuum layer insulates the heat, it not only keeps hot drinks warm, but also does not condense small water drops on the outer layer of the water cup when cold drinks are added.

Stainless steel products are more recommended than plastic

Although the plastic water cup feels light and has a rich design, it is indeed slightly insufficient in terms of heat preservation effect. I have to admit that even with the same double-layer vacuum structure, the thermal insulation effect of plastic water cups is much worse than that of stainless steel products.

Stainless steel products inherently have the characteristics of low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation. Therefore, if you simply compare the thermal insulation effect, it is recommended to choose stainless steel products. However, if you will drink it in a short time and do not need to keep warm for a long time, you can also choose lightweight and easy-to-clean plastic products.

Pay attention to the specific value of insulation efficiency

The specific value of heat preservation efficiency mainly refers to the value after pouring 95 degrees ± 1 degree of hot water into a stainless steel water cup, and then standing upright at a room temperature of 20 degrees ± 2 degrees. After a period of time, the temperature of the hot water in the water cup decreases. .

If the value is higher, the heat preservation effect is better, and the hot drink in the cup can be kept warm for a long time. Regarding the heat preservation efficiency, you can check it in the product packaging or material description sheet, and the product information column page on the website will also have related descriptions. Don't forget to take a closer look before buying.

Choose the one with a lid

Of course, a cup with a lid has a better insulation effect. Even the same cup, with and without lid, the heat preservation effect may be more than 20 degrees different. Moreover, if you don’t have a lid, you can’t carry it in your bag. Even if it’s placed in the car’s water cup slot, the lid can prevent the water from spilling out. So if you want to carry it at any time, it’s recommended to take it with you. A product with a lid.

Most of the most popular products now come with lids, which are convenient to carry around, and some even come with two lids. It is recommended that you choose according to your actual needs.

The benefits of drinking more water

   Improve energy. If you feel very tired and have a feeling of exhaustion, it may be caused by dehydration, so you need to add water in time. Drinking enough water can make the heart pump blood more effectively. And body water helps the blood transport oxygen and other nutrients necessary for cells.

   Strengthen muscles. Only moderate drinking can prevent muscle cramps and lubricate body joints. If there is enough water in the body, the intensity of exercise can be greater, the duration can be longer, and the limit can be felt later, which also helps to develop a fit body.

  The lubricant in the body. Water can moisturize the skin. If the skin lacks water, it will become dry and lose its elasticity, making it look old. Some joint capsule fluid and serous fluid in the body can prevent friction and damage between organs, and can rotate flexibly. Tears and saliva are also lubricants for corresponding organs.

  Stay in shape. Because water can speed up metabolism and make people feel full. Therefore, replace high-calorie beverages with water and drink a glass before meals to make you feel fuller. And drinking more water can make your metabolism more vigorous, especially drinking cold water, because the body needs to heat the water, and this process will consume a certain amount of calories.

   Smooth defecation. Since water is the same as fiber, it is essential to keep the digestive system functioning properly. Water helps break down waste products, allowing them to pass through the digestive tract smoothly.

   Reduce stones. The incidence of kidney stones is currently on the rise, one of the reasons is too little drinking water. Excessive levels of salt or minerals in urine will cause kidney stones to appear, and water can dilute these components.

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