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China's bearing manufacturing industry report,Top 10 bearing manufacturers in china 2020

In 2013-2017, the sales revenue of China's bearing manufacturing industry also showed a volatile trend. In 2016, the industry's sales revenue was 282.674 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.47%. In 2017, the industry achieved sales revenue of 275.173 billion yuan, down 2.6% year-on-year. Overall, the development of China's bearing industry has slowed down in the past three years.

bearing china 2020 Bearing industry market demand status: the automotive industry is the largest demand area

The application of bearings is very extensive. At present, the global bearings are mainly used in the automotive industry. The annual sales of automobile bearings are 1.02 billion sets, accounting for 29.95% of the total bearing sales. In the future, as the world's automobile manufacturing industry shifts to China, the proportion will further increase. In addition to the automotive industry, the bearing industry is also widely used in motors, home appliances, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, heavy machinery, electric power, railways, machine tools and other industries, of which the motor industry demand accounted for 14.92% of the industry; the home appliance industry accounted for 13.55% In addition, motorcycles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery accounted for a large proportion, 9.51%, 4.63% and 1.82% respectively.

Bearing industry development prospects: 2023 or 306.3 billion yuan

As China has vigorously developed the machinery manufacturing industry in recent years, the downstream industry of the bearing industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for bearing products has been increasing, which has led to an increase in the sales revenue and total profit of the bearing industry. For example, with the development of China's industrial machinery and automobiles, the demand for supporting bearings has further increased. However, with the slowdown in the growth of major downstream demand markets, the growth rate of the bearing industry will also slow down.

Forward-looking Industrial Research Institute predicts that by 2023, the market size of China's bearing industry is expected to reach 306.3 billion yuan.

Top 10 bearing manufacturers in china 2020

Position Bearing Manufacturer Brand   best bearing manufacturer in china


1. Wafangdian Bearing Group Co. Ltd. ZWZ

2. Luyang Bearing Group Co. Ltd. LYC

3. Harbin Bearing Group Co. Ltd. HRB

4. C&U Group Co. Ltd. C&U

5. Dalian Metallurgical Bearing Group Co. Ltd. DYZV

6. Wanxiang Qianchao Stock Co. Ltd. QC

7. Shanghai Electric Bearing Co. Ltd. SBC

8. Xibei Bearing Group Co. Ltd. NXZ

9. Ningbo MOS Group Stock Co. Ltd. MOS

10. Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Stock Co. Ltd. TMB

As a highly-standardized, serialized and universalized “three-in-one” mechanical product, the natural properties are suitable for global production and procurement, and the open international market space is even larger. As the major multinational bearing companies shift from “demand production” to “best production”, they will implement local production from the target market countries, especially the overseas factories that follow the host companies, and then switch to production bases. In the economic environment of the country, such as exchange rate changes, inflation, manufacturing costs, market demand, etc., timely adjust the bearing varieties and quantities of each production base to achieve low-cost production under the international average level. Chinese bearing enterprises will continue to be in quality and technology. Under the background of breakthrough, share the huge market space of the global division of labor in the bearing industry. At present, the internationalization of China's bearing enterprises is just in its infancy, with an international vision and the implementation of the "going out" internationalization strategy, in order to win greater development.

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