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What is the operating mode of Tik Tok

From the end of 2017 to the present, the music short video community "Vibrato" has been on the Apple App Store free standing list for many days. With a variety of music styles, cool visual editing capabilities, personalized distribution mechanisms, and a good community atmosphere, Shakespeare has been sought after by young users shortly after going online. In the past year and a half, how exactly did the chatter grow? What are the characteristics of its user community? The following analysis with Haitao Technology.

On average, 14 of 100 mobile Internet users are vibrato users, with an average monthly DAU over 32 million.

The monitoring results of Aurora Big Data show that, as of the last week of February of this year, the market penetration rate of short video dubbing has reached 14.34%. This means that out of every 100 active terminals on the market, there are more than 14 short-duration video applications installed. It is worth noting that the penetration rate of short-duration video has achieved a very significant increase in the past six months, with an increase of more than 300% compared to the beginning of the period.

In applying the monthly average DAU, we also observed a significant increase. According to the monitoring results of Aurora Big Data, the average number of DAUs per month in the short-duration video application in February this year reached 32.53 million.

The short-duration video has also achieved a significant increase in the number of new users on a daily basis. In the past six months, the average number of daily new users for the short video of vibrato was 977,900. In the seven-day installation retention rate, the performance of the short-duration video is relatively stable. The 7-day retention rate of the dubbed seven-day average is 73.88%, which proves that 70% of the users are still willing to retain their applications on the device after the pre-clearance period.

It can be seen from the above data performance that the short video dubbing is still in a rapid growth stage. Despite passing the threshold of over 100 million user ownership and tens of millions of daily active users, the short video still attracts a large number of new users to install and use.

66.4% of female users use 20.27 minutes per day per user

According to the statistical results of Aurora Big Data, the percentage of female users in the short-duration video is significantly higher than that of men, reaching 66.4%. Despite the growing body of users, young users still occupy a large proportion in the short video of dumbness, accounting for 20% of users under the age of 19 and 52.8% of those under the age of 24.

The users of vibrato did not show significant concentration in specific cities. Even Beijing, which has the highest proportion of users, accounted for only 2.58% of the total. Although the initial positioning was more biased toward young users in first- and second-tier cities, with the gradual expansion of users, the sinking of vibrato to third-tier cities and below has become increasingly significant. The results of the distribution of user-level cities show that the proportion of users with vibrato in the third-tier cities is 21.51%, while those in cities with four-tier cities or below reach 35.87%.

Although the duration of each video is only about 15 seconds, the occupancy of user time by vibrato cannot be underestimated. According to the statistics of Aurora Big Data, in the past half year, each user spent an average of 20.27 minutes per day on chatter.

Application coincidence data shows that as of February of this year, the highest penetration rate of similar users in the vibrate user is a fast hand, and 43.13% of the vibrato users simultaneously installed fast applications on the device. The volcano small video under the banner of the same headline today has a higher penetration rate among the users of vibrato, reaching 15.72%, while the US-based company's beauty shot was 13.29%.

It can be said that vibrato is a platform for operating to win. Whether it is from a unique community tune, a personalized distribution mechanism, or a fast iterative function version, we can feel its good product operational capabilities.

If you see the above data, will you want to ask him some marketing models?

Viral Marketing Model 1: Star Strategy

A new product quickly became popular with a large number of marketing promotions, and the trend is the star effect. The dull-tone APP in March this year because of the star Yue Yunpeng forwarded a micro-blog below with the logo of the dull-tone APP, the heat began to rise. Then there were star players such as Hu Yanbin, Zhong Lijun, Du Haitao, and Da Zhangwei, as well as many stars in the entertainment industry. They formed a fan economy, and the heat quickly soared. The number of users grew steadily.

Viral Marketing Model 2: Content Operation Strategy

In the context of platform content operations, Transcend APP incorporates today’s headline algorithm, so that new users without any fan base can also get recommendations. Therefore, the dull-tone APP has also become the fastest short video site for powder enhancement. This advantage makes it possible. Suction bow | a lot of red resources on other platforms, such as a lot of fast hands on the net red began to fight tremble, bring a lot of quality users to vibrate. In addition, in terms of content operations, the vibrato APP operation team is also adept at combining the current hottest TV dramas, variety shows, and light lifestyles to do content marketing, such as: “Hip-Hop with China” Hot Variety Cooperation, Playing Hip-Hop, Sucking Bows |The attention of young people in China; Teaming up with Mobish and Burger King to open the brain hole and play light life.

Viral Marketing Model 3: Public Relations Communication Strategy

In order to make more young people aware of chatter, public relations is necessary. We also found that in May this year, Vibrato began to invest in public relations documents on a number of platforms. Most of these platforms are vertical technology media or some large portal websites. These websites have both target users of the dumb audio APP and a large number of them. The user base and article recommendation rankings have played a role in accelerating the spread of vibrato.

Viral Marketing Model 4: Cooperative Marketing Strategy

Tranquility seeks new possibilities for brand rejuvenation through the search for a brand that fits the spirit. On September 21, this year, the hot young people's social circle shakes APP, join hands with the “most playable” brands Airbnb, Chevrolet, Harbin Beer, and create a new approach to native short video advertising.

Show" plan.

At present, Chattering has already explored the commercialization model and tried to realize it through such methods as advertising of native video information and custom station challenges. In advertising, there is also a very clear standard for vibrato: the content of advertisements must comply with the tonality of vibrato, and can be used as a short video content for users to consume. As giants such as Tencent, Ali, Weibo, and today’s headlines continue to strengthen their layout, competition around short video tracks will become increasingly fierce. Aurora Big Data will continue to pay attention to this short video boom and provide readers with timely updates.

To sum up, Shanghai APP Development Co., Ltd. - Hai Tao Technology shares "Vibrato Number" for everyone to share. The relevant information on vibrato can be clicked: Today's Headline Fundamental Fluctuation App.

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