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Tik Tok

Aboriginal "Tik Tok" Wins Japan's App Ape Award






On February 8, 2018, App Ape, Japan's largest mobile application market analysis platform, held the award ceremony of the 2017 App Ape Award 2017 in Tokyo yesterday. "Tik Tok", the overseas version of the short video dubbing voice, won the Forbes JAPAN Award from Forbes Japan for its popularity and popularity among young users, and its dazzling performance in the Japanese market in 2017.

Forbes Japan stated in the awards comment that Tik Tok not only achieved rapid growth on a global scale, but also led and created new cultural development for young people, bringing together younger generations of creative ideas.

Aboriginal "Tik Tok" Wins Japan's App Ape Award

This review selected data from the App Ape Analytics platform and selected the most active 83 applications in the Japanese market in 2017 as candidates for the award.

Tik Tok landed on the Japanese market in 2017. With the new features such as “human motion recognition” and “hair color filter” introduced by the parent company’s proprietary AI technology, it provides Japanese users with an interesting interactive experience. Since December 2017, Tik Tok has repeatedly made it to the top of the free app list on the Japanese App Store.

Aboriginal "Tik Tok" Wins Japan's App Ape Award

Tik Tok skillfully applied artificial intelligence technology to short video creation and connected global creators and users through its platform. Its outstanding performance in overseas markets is also part of the process of vibrato and the internationalization of today’s headlines.

Technical output is one of the more distinctive features. Today's headline senior vice president Liu Yu has said: "Today's headline is dedicated to using artificial intelligence technology to build the world's most knowledgeable information distribution platform. We hope that technology can serve more people. Chinese companies Should exert greater influence in a wider area."

In fact, not too long ago, Tik Tok was also on the top of the App Store in Thailand. The main reason is that the new feature "The Dance Machine" is welcomed by users in Southeast Asia. According to reports, the key technology of the dance dance machine is today's headline independently developed AI limb recognition technology.

In November 2017, today’s headline acquired music.ly, a well-known short video community in North America. Yang Luyu, the founder of music.ly, said at the time that the headline recommendation technology would help the music.ly to make further breakthroughs in the business.

In fact, after headlining the acquisition of Flipagram, a North American short video community in February 2017, the headline has improved its technology, and the playback volume of Flipagram's video recommendation home page has increased by 30 times compared to that before the acquisition.

In the last two years, headlines have continued to promote its international business. At the Wuzhen conference in 2016, Zhang Yiming, the founder and CEO of today’s headline, said, “Globalization will be one of the core strategies for today’s headlines in 2017.”

According to public information, in October 2016, today's headline once invested in Dailyhunt, India’s largest news aggregator. At the end of 2016, today's headline held the Indonesian mobile internet star project - BABE.

In addition, today's headline in November last year was a wholly-owned acquisition of Cheetah Mobile's overseas mobile news products News Republic. At the same time, today's headline's overseas version of "TopBuzz" also topped many times in the North American Google Play News category download rankings.