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The latest LCD smart TV purchase strategy in 2022

TVs are already a necessary product for families. For families with a large population, even 2-3 sets are required. With the development of TV sets, there are also more brands and models. 4K has also become a standard reference for purchasing TV sets. A 55-inch large screen, but how much do you know about TVs, and how often do you watch TVs every day?

The people who use TV more are children and the elderly. For some adults, the frequency of use is relatively less. For example, boys like to watch anime, American dramas, and movies; girls like to watch Korean dramas, domestic idol dramas, variety shows, etc. On different platforms, it is more troublesome to watch on TV. However, the advantages of the TV are also relatively obvious. The screen is large, and it is more comfortable to connect PS5/Xbox games. Of course, it is also a must for new households.

【How to choose the screen size】

The screen size of TVs has become a cliché, and many TV recommendation stickers use the following so-called viewing distance for reference. Come on, it's 2022, and such an old shopping concept should have been swept into the dustbin of history. How to choose is a reference, how much can you buy, how much you can buy! It is best to cover the entire wall, and such a viewing experience is called shocking.

[4K resolution is still the mainstream]

To tell the truth, after blowing 8K for so many years, the popularity still has a long way to go, and resources are still the most important part of balancing 8K into the general consumption field. Although many brands have models with this resolution, keep in mind that high-end TVs are useless without resources. So it's still the same sentence, 4K 8K really doesn't need to be entangled, just consider 4K directly, there is no need to pay for a feature that is not needed.

【Hard screen VS soft screen】

The LCD screen is divided into IPS hard screen and VA soft screen. The advantage of the hard screen is that it does not produce water ripples when pressed, the viewing angle is large, the color is not distorted, the response time is fast, the contrast is high, and the power consumption is low; If it is to buy a monitor, I would recommend a hard screen, after all, the color reproduction is more accurate. But you don't need to apply this method when you buy a TV. The color looks better than the color reproduction. Personally, I suggest that there is no need to tangle in this aspect. The hard screen and the soft screen are used the same. Consumers should care about other aspects.

【LED, OLED, mini LED】

LED is the most mainstream screen material at present, and its luminous characteristics come from LED light source. The advantages are high brightness, mature technology, and natural cost control;

The biggest feature of OLED is that it emits light by the organic compound coating between the positive and negative electrodes. The advantages include ultra-thin, low power consumption, and good color, but the disadvantage is obvious. It is caused by the aging of the coating.

【MEMC motion compensation】

The screen response time of LCD TVs is relatively long, and many video frame rates are low, resulting in unsmooth motion pictures, stuttering, blurring and smearing, which seriously reduces the viewing experience. Therefore, motion compensation technology came into being. By quickly turning off the backlight Lighting, inserting black frames/copying frames/predicting frames, etc. to improve the smoothness of the picture, reduce the stuttering and smearing, and improve the viewing experience.

【Color performance】

This is an important indicator that affects the visual perception and is composed of color gamut, color accuracy, and color depth. 【Color Gamut】is the most important of the three. In general, the color gamut is, of course, the bigger the better. The larger the color gamut, the more colors that can be displayed, the richer the colors that can be displayed in pictures and videos, and the more pleasing the human eye. Generally speaking, product promotion pages will focus on this feature, but there are a lot of tricks here.

【True and False HDR】

What is HDR? This is a technology used on smart TVs to improve the quality of video images. It includes two basic points. The first software supports HDR video decoding. The second has requirements for TV brightness. From the [HDR Display Certification Technical Specifications], it can be seen that the entry-level below 600 nits, the mid-range below 800 nits, and the high-end above 1000 nits. In addition, strict specifications also include features such as color depth, color gamut, and zoned light control.

【Screen Brightness】

Looking at the HDR standard above, you can see the importance of this parameter. Screen brightness generally refers to the peak brightness of the screen, which simply refers to the maximum brightness that the TV can achieve. The higher the value, the better the HDR effect, and the higher the price.

【Light control partition】

The necessary technology for mid-to-high-end models is also an indispensable element of true HDR. The main function of the light control partition is to divide the backlight into multiple areas, control each area independently, and adjust the regional light source according to the brightness of the TV screen. Light source, to achieve pure black, the effect of contrast is better! Now the mainstream light control methods are [direct type] and [side entry type].

【Screen refresh rate】

Refresh rate refers to the number of pictures (frames) a TV can display per second. It is measured in Hertz, which is a unit of frequency. As we all know, the more pictures displayed at the same time, the more natural and smooth it is. Mainstream TVs are dominated by 60Hz, which means 60 images per second. Some mid-to-high-end or positioning games and sports TVs will use 120Hz as a selling point, which can bring a smoother picture experience.

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