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Five Best Sedans for Women to Drive

The Volkswagen Golf is a classic hatch/small family model, introduced by Volkswagen in 1974. The new car price range is 13.19-197,900 yuan, which is the most popular Volkswagen and the best-selling model. Hatchback, it seems to be compact, the appearance is dynamic, very suitable for women, in terms of power, the Golf is good, the new Golf is equipped with a German public EA211 series engine, 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox, gear shifting, more power, more power , faster speed, lower fuel consumption.

Changan Ford is a successful compact family car. It is a new intermediate new model, which concentrates Ford's global product development resources and deep understanding of consumers in China's largest automobile consumer market. House prices, the price range is 7.98-11.68 million. Fusiis are very expensive in design, avoiding the front of the big brother, while weakening the gender label. The appearance is stylish, simple, harmonious, and atmospheric. In terms of car configuration, the humanized design also looks at the heart. For women, this car is undoubtedly a pragmatic and practical choice.

Honda fit is a dual cavalry launched by Guangqi Honda. The official new car guide price range is 7.38-102,800 yuan. This is a shortcoming, there is no bright spot, China's rules, the model is small, and girls don't spend it, space is the big selling point of this car. Although the car is compact, that space isn't compromised, and the power isn't talking. The 1.5L gasoline engine uses a direct injection system. At the same time, a small CVT continuously variable transmission is realized with direct acceleration response to achieve good fuel economy and transmission efficiency.

Honda is a concept car released by Dongfeng Honda. The official new car guide price range is 7.98-11.98 million yuan. Cori is Feng Fan's brother model. Apart from the details of the contents of the interior, the two cars are basically the same, and the reason why the Cori is a female writer is because it has a sleeker design. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with Honda Funtec "Earth Dream Technology" technology engine + CVT stepless transmission, which effectively reduces fuel consumption while protecting power output.

Chevrolet Cruze hatchback official new car guide price range is 124,900-149,900 yuan. The color of the Cruze has absolutely nothing to say, the exterior is dynamic, the interior is very textured, the flying wing design is simple and elegant in the center console, there is a good breath of movement, equipped with a 1.4L turbo. Pressure SIDI top direct injection engine and 1.5L naturally aspirated SIDI top direct injection engine, the matching transmission is a 7-stop dual-clutch gearbox, the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 5.7L, and the fuel consumption is very considerable.

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