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Why is it not recommended to use car steering wheel covers

Steering wheel cot refers to a hood on the steering wheel. The steering wheel cover has a strong decorative nature, which is more fashionable, full of gentleman's demeanor, comfortable in the hand, and elegant and generous in design without losing vitality. The exquisite series, the workmanship and design are all first-class, it is definitely the super equipment of the car. Upgrade your car life.

As the temperature drops, more and more car owners put on thick "winter clothes" on the steering wheel of their cars --- install steering wheel covers. However, many car owners do not know that although various steering wheel covers are warm and stylish, they also have a certain impact on driving safety. So, what are the hazards of using steering wheel covers for driving? All kinds of steering wheel covers, what kind of material is most suitable?

After the weather gets cold in winter, many car owners feel that the steering wheel is cold every time they just drive. If the warm air is turned on, it will take a long time. Therefore, as soon as winter enters, many car owners add "clothes" to the steering wheel of their car --- steering wheel cover. However, many car owners are not clear about the hazards and effects of using steering wheel covers on driving safety.

First of all, in winter, the temperature is low, and people's reaction ability and perception ability will decline. The use of steering wheel covers increases the difficulty of the driver's control.

Secondly, in winter in rainy and snowy weather, roads are often icy. Using steering wheel covers will reduce the friction between the steering wheel and your hands. In the case of slippery roads in rain or snow, the steering wheel is not easy to control, and the control slips easily. When dealing with emergency situations, it is not conducive to safe handling, and the steering wheel is easy to release, which affects safety and causes accidents.

In addition, the driver can also perceive the road surface conditions through the vibration of the steering wheel, especially when driving at high speeds or making sharp turns. They can use the steering wheel to make timely judgments and make emergency treatment. After using the steering wheel cover, the friction between the hand and the steering wheel will be reduced to a certain extent, and the driver's ability to perceive and judge the road conditions will be weakened.

At the same time, using the steering wheel cover makes it easy to slip the steering wheel at critical moments. Especially for female car owners with petite palms, it is not suitable to use too thick steering wheel cover, otherwise it is difficult to completely hold the steering wheel after putting on "clothes", which will affect driving safety. Therefore, steering wheel covers will increase driving risks, and similar products should be avoided as much as possible.

How to choose the right steering wheel cover

The biggest drawback of the steering wheel cover is slipping, and even tightly fitted products will also have a certain impact on the control. Therefore, when selecting the steering wheel cover, the inner friction should be large, so that there will be no slippage after installation.

At the same time, the surface of the steering wheel cover should not be too slippery. For example, the steering wheel cover of long-haired material, linen, etc., may slip and fail to grasp during use. In addition, before use, check the workmanship of the surface of the steering wheel cover to see if there are some hard threads or hard folds to avoid scratching the palm during use.

Choose hand-stitched leather steering wheel covers

Since the use of steering wheel covers will bring safety hazards to driving, shouldn’t use steering wheel covers in winter and let your hands be cold? In addition to using steering wheel covers, are there other ways to keep warm? In this regard, experts give suggestions in winter It is best to use hand-stitched leather steering wheel covers.

The hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover is very different from the plush steering wheel cover that needs to be fixed with rubber on the daily market. The most important point is that it is really fixed on the steering wheel without relative displacement, and it is in the sewing process. The middle will make the steering sleeve close to the steering wheel, which can be completely fitted to avoid slipping.

At the same time, drivers can also wear a pair of more practical non-slip gloves when driving in winter. If you use the steering wheel cover for warmth, it is recommended to directly buy winter gloves with anti-slip function. Compared with the steering wheel cover, it is much safer and can really keep warm.

The design in this area is reasonable, but many low- and mid-range cars lack this kind of humanized design. But it doesn't matter. Nowadays, steering wheel covers of various styles of cars are sold in the market. For example, for materials such as warm plush or thick cloth, you should pay attention to the size and choose the right one to work. The steering wheel is the most direct link of "human-vehicle interaction". When driving a car every day, car owners must firmly hold the steering wheel in their hands, just like taking control of their own lives. For such a "circle" of reincarnation, many car owners love it and use various "straps" to decorate it with more personality and comfort. Nowadays, as long as it is a car owner who has been to an auto supplies store, it is not difficult to find that the types of traps are really diverse. In some hypermarkets, all kinds of traps can be hung on an entire shelf, and it takes a while to buy. .

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