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Easy-to-use shampoo and shampoo recommended for toddlers and children

Do many mothers have this kind of trouble? When BABY was young, I used a combination of shampoo and bath products to wash my hair or a non-foaming and fragrance-free shampoo. Because it is safe and non-irritating, it is safe to use.

But as children get older, the previous combination of shampoo and bath and no foam and fragrance can no longer meet the needs of children. On the one hand, because the amount of exercise increases, the body is often covered in sweat, and the foam is not clean, and there is no fragrance to cover the smell of sweat; on the other hand, as the child grows, the hair will become thicker and oily. If it increases, dandruff may even occur, and the two-in-one shampoo and bath products are not so suitable for shampooing.

Also, after girls have long hair, they should also consider the issue of softness of the hair.

So, it's time to choose a special shampoo for kids.

So how do children choose a suitable and easy-to-use shampoo?

selection criteria

Although it is necessary to increase the cleaning function, the main premise of the selection of children's shampoo is safety and gentleness, because children's skin is very delicate and sensitive, and it should be well protected.

The formula is as simple as possible. Children are not like adults. It is best to have no fragrance and coloring, and the taste can be natural plant fragrance.

Easy foaming, easy rinsing and more foaming are very important. Children are generally reluctant to wash their hair. If the foaming is slow and it is not easy to rinse, the time to wash the hair will be too long, which will affect the children's shampoo experience. Not even with the shampoo. And the foam is more, the shampoo is easier and evenly pushed away, even the corners will not be missed, and it is easier to wash.

Girls with long hair should think a little more, soft and easy to comb through.

In the end, we'd better choose a big brand. After so many years of improvement and market testing, it will be a lot more reliable.

Therefore, the selection criteria for children's shampoo are:

1. Enough clean, mild and simple ingredients

2, easy to foam, easy to rinse, fresh taste

3. Reliable brand, durable and cost-effective

4. Girls with long hair should be soft and easy to comb

With the selection criteria, we also need only some shampoo selection taboos. Don't let the following ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Sodium Fatty Alcohol Sulfate (AES).

Recommended shampoo for children:

1. Red Elephant Shampoo

Applicable age: newborn baby - 7 years old

Net content: 786ML

Efficacy: Gently cleans hair and skin surface dirt

Comments: This is very gentle and will not irritate the child's scalp. If the child's hair is not good, dry and easy to break, it is more suitable for this. The first choice is to recommend this one, with good reputation, affordable price and high safety.

2. Harosan children's shampoo and bath combo

Applicable age: 0~6 years old

Net content: 500ML

Efficacy: Gently cleanses hair and skin, deeply moisturizes and moisturizes

Comments: This is a mother and baby brand imported from Germany. It uses a mild and neutral formula, which will not irritate children's eyes; mildly cleans hair and skin, cleans dirt and excess oil; one bottle is dual-use, not after bathing. tight

3. Red Elephant Children's Shampoo and Bath Combination

Applicable age: over 36 months

Net content: 530ML

Efficacy: fruit oil skin care, refreshing and cleansing

Comments: This is not only mild in ingredients, but also can achieve cleaning purposes; no tear formula, easy to lather, easy to rinse; the smell is fresh and sweet, fruity, very healing.

4. Mustela two-in-one shampoo and shower gel

Applicable age: newborns, infants and children

Net content: more than 400ML (g)

Efficacy: mild cleansing, moisturizing skin, soap-free and hypoallergenic

Evaluation: The foam is very rich, relatively soft, without pungent smell, the effect is good, the hair and body can be washed! And the shower doesn't have that slippery feeling! After washing, it is very smooth and does not irritate the eyes and skin. It can be used by children and adults. It is a very good product.

5. Mi Ke Bao Shampoo

Applicable age: newborn - 3 years old

Net content: 500ML

Efficacy: Multiple functions of shampoo, bath and skin care, soften hair, nourish body skin

Evaluation: No silicone oil, mild and not slippery, does not hurt the baby's skin, skin-friendly ingredients, rich foam; the taste is relatively refreshing, it is better to use with this conditioner!

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