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Which domestic ski resort is most recommended?

It will be winter in a few months, and you can go skiing. It is very important to choose a fun and famous ski resort. If you don't know which ski resort to go to, you can take a look at the following recommendations.

Beidahu Ski Resort (formerly known as Beidahu) is one of the largest ski resorts with the most advanced equipment and the best natural resources in my country. It is also an important ice and snow sports training base and ice and snow tourism center in China. Beidahu Ski Resort has unique natural advantages. The ski resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides. In winter, the wind is small, the temperature is suitable, the snow is deep and the snow quality is good. Beidahu Ski Resort can fully satisfy snow sports such as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, free skiing, modern biathlon and snowmobiles and sleds. Beidahu Ski Resort has convenient transportation and is only 53 kilometers away from Jilin city. There are trains (from Jilin Station to the ski resort, you can take a ski bus or chartered car), plane (from Longjia Airport to the ski resort, you can charter a car), self-driving (going to the ski resort) A variety of transportation options are available, such as Ha Expressway to Changji Expressway or Shenji Expressway).

Nanshan Ski Resort is the only winter resort in Beijing and North China that integrates skiing, skiing, ice climbing and other dynamic leisure sports. The ski resort has the largest snowboard park in China, QUIKSILVE Nanshan Meiluo Park, and took the lead in opening up intermediate and advanced "cat jumping" ski trails, "wave trails" and "wild snow parks" in China, providing ski enthusiasts with a variety of types. The ski training ground, where you can enjoy professional-level racing experience. There are direct buses to the ski resorts at Sanyuanqiao and Wudaokou; or take Dongmi Special Line 980 air-conditioned express at Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station and get off at Taiyangjiayuan Station, then take a taxi to Nanshan Ski Resort in Shengshuitou Village; take Jingcheng Expressway by car (Exit from Miyun City Expressway) or Airport Expressway and transfer to Jingping Expressway.

Yabuli Ski Resort was once a virgin forest and was a royal hunting ground during the Qing Dynasty. The entire ski resort is surrounded by mountains, with dense forests and thick snow, and the scenery is spectacular. The main peak of Guokui Mountain, Sanguokui, has been turned into a large tourist ski resort. Daguokui and Erguokui used to be the tracks of the 3rd Asian Winter Games and are now training bases for national skiers. The ski resort has the longest, most dangerous slope and the most exciting ski run in the country. It enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad and has held many international and domestic events, enjoying the reputation of "Snow Mecca". Take a tourist train from Harbin to the terminal (Yabuli South Station); or change from Yabuli Railway Station to a special train for ski resorts (there is only one train every morning); or take a bus from Harbin Longyun or Daowai Bus Station to Yabuli Town ( Then take a taxi or take the snow field bus to the ski field); in the direction of Harbin or Mudanjiang (self-driving), get off the expressway at the Yabuli intersection and go south along the snow field road.

Wanlong Ski Resort is the first open ski resort in China. It is one of the most famous ski resorts with the highest specification, largest scale, earliest opening time and most famous ski resorts around Beijing. The intermediate and advanced trails here are the most professional in the surrounding areas of Beijing, so it is very suitable for advanced ski lovers to play here. The ski resort has successfully held many international ski festivals and various competitions, and is also the designated training base for the Heilongjiang Provincial Ski Team, Japan and South Korea Professional Ski Team and other groups. Take bus No. 55 in Beijing to Beijiao Long-distance Station, then take a bus to Chongli Bus Station, and then take a taxi to the ski resort; or take Beijing-Zhangjiakou Line at Yongdingmen or Xizhimen Long-distance Station to Zhangjiakou, and then transfer to CMB to get there Chongli, then take a taxi to the ski resort; take the Badaling Expressway and transfer to the Jingzhang Expressway by car.

Located in the Tianshan Mountains, the Silk Road International Ski Resort is mainly for winter skiing. It is the venue for the 2016 National Winter Games, and it is also an ideal choice for winter skiing vacations and summer vacations. The ski resort is currently one of the three major ski resorts in China. The ski slopes, equipment and services are of the first-class level, and it has the only cable car in the Northwest that directly connects to the virgin forest. In addition to skiing, tourists and friends can also go to the virgin forest of the Tianshan Mountains to enjoy the intoxicating Tianshan Mountains. snow scene. Take the bus from Zhongqiao Bus Station on Huanghe Road in Urumqi to Shixigou Town, and then transfer to the special line for the ski resort to go directly to the ski resort; the self-driving route is Urumqi - Shuixigou Town - Pingxiliang Village - Silk Road International Ski Resort.

Mount Emei Ski Resort is located in the Leidongping Scenic Area of Mount Emei. The ski resort is built on the mountain and is famous for its lush vegetation and beautiful environment. Since the average annual temperature is 5°C, it is definitely a "warm" ski resort. Every January, the ski resort will hold the grand "Southland Ice and Snow Festival", when alpine skiing, fun skiing, figure speed skating performances, ski circle combination performances, dog sledding, family snow flying saucer competitions and other programs are staged in turn, making the entire snow The field became very lively. Take the shuttle bus to Leshan or Mount Emei at Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station or Ximen Station, and then take a local sightseeing bus up the mountain.

Shennongjia Ski Resort is located in Shennongjia Jiuhuping at an altitude of 2,000 meters. It is the southernmost ski resort in China and the first large-scale and fully functional alpine natural ski resort in Central China. The ski resort covers a total area of more than 1,000 mu. It is a comprehensive tourist resort integrating outdoor skiing, sightseeing, rest and vacation, and outdoor adventure. The ski resort has a drag-and-relocated cableway. From Yichang/Muyu Town, you can take a car or bus to Shennongjia; Shennongjia has a shuttle bus to surrounding large and medium cities, and there is a shuttle bus to Shennongjia from Wuhan Office at 5:00 every day; You can get off at Shiyan or Yichang by train , and then take the tourist line to Shennongjia.

Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort is built at an altitude of 4500-4700 meters above sea level. It is the closest ski resort to the equator of the earth, so it is also the warmest natural alpine ski resort. You can ski here all year round, and in winter, the snow scene of the snow-capped mountains enters the most beautiful season, and the snow becomes thicker. The warm climate and magnificent scenery of the snow field are very popular with tourists from the south. Standing on the ski resort, you can also overlook the surrounding landscape of the snow-capped mountains, including Ganhaizi, Black and White River, Yunshanping and Yaniuping at the foot of the mountain. Take a plane or train to Lijiang, and transfer to a special tourist bus to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain; by car, you can buy tickets for the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Cableway from Xueshan Middle Road to Runxue Plaza, pay the mountain entry fee and the ancient city maintenance fee at the entrance to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and then walk 15 Minutes drive to Snow Mountain parking lot.

Yushe National Forest Park Ski Resort is located in Yushe National Forest Park. Because the latitude is about 1° lower than the Yulong Snow Mountain in Yunnan, which has the lowest latitude and the highest altitude in the northern hemisphere, it has become the lowest latitude ski resort in China. Relying on the beautiful forest ecological environment and topographical landscape of the forest park, in the middle of winter, the park's Yushu Qiongzhi, thick icicles hang all over the mountain walls, trees and smog can be seen everywhere, a silver-white world. While enjoying the fun of snow sports, tourists can enjoy the snow country scenery similar to the north. There is the reception point of Yushe Ski Resort next to the railway station Dicos, you can take the paid shuttle bus to it; you can take S212 by yourself.

Xiling Snow Mountain is known as "the forest and snow field in the south" and "the Alps in the East", and the ski resort is built in the back mountain of the scenic spot. The scenery here is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. It faces south, with a lot of snow and calm wind, and the sun is warm. Good natural conditions for a ski resort. Chengdu Jinsha Station and Xinnanmen Station both have shuttle buses to Xiling Snow Mountain (Xinnanmen Station may not leave in off-season, but Jinsha Station has two buses a day), or you can take a bus from Jinsha Station to Dayi Passenger Transport Center, and then transfer. Direct bus to the ski resort; self-drive to Wenqiong Expressway, (Dayi exit), then turn to Xiling Snow Mountain Huashuiwan Tourism Expressway.

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