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Newbies want to learn to skateboard, which skateboard is better?

What types of skateboards are there?

Skateboards are roughly divided into three categories: fishboards, longboards, and double rockers.

1. Fish board: The board is small and easy to carry, suitable for walking and brushing the streets. This type of skateboard is recommended for beginners.

Fishboard materials include ABS, PU, maple, etc. Maple is recommended for fishboard skateboards. Although the cost is high, the performance is more stable.

Advantages: The board is small and easy to carry, fast and flexible; the wheels are soft and the vibration is small, suitable for all kinds of roads, and it is the best choice for street brushing.

Disadvantages: The board is small and difficult to control.

2. Longboard: Maple is commonly used. The board is wide and long, the wheels are large and soft, and the battery life is strong. It is also suitable for complex road conditions. This type of skateboard is recommended for girls.

Advantages: strong battery life, effortless brushing, easy control, good stability, cool dancing on the board~

Cons: Skateboards are large and heavy, making them inconvenient to carry.

3. Double rocker: The board is usually made of maple. Both ends of the board are upturned. The wheels are hard and small. It can do many cool moves and has high flexibility. This type of skateboard is recommended for boys.

The board surface is concave, also known as "foot socket", the head and tail foot sockets are deep and shallow.

Advantages: Can do a lot of cool moves.

Disadvantages: The wheels are hard and easy to shake.

How many components does a skateboard have?

Skateboards roughly have 5 parts: deck, bridge, wheels, bearings, and sandpaper.

Deck sizes (in inches) range from 7.5, 7.625, 7.75 to 8.0, 8.125, 8.25 and even 8.5.

It is generally determined according to the size of the feet. If your feet are small, choose a board of about 7.75. For friends with a gold foot size of 42, you can choose 8.0-8.2 or even larger.

Of course, the larger the size of the board, the greater the weight, and the small board is flexible, and the large board is more stable.

However, the width of the board also has its own trend. In recent years, wide boards have gradually become popular. The width of the board is also somewhat related to the style of the skater. Those who are fast, high and far generally prefer the wide version, and the narrow boards with delicate movements are mostly... It should be noted that these options are not unique. If you feel that the board is small and uncomfortable, change to a larger one. If you feel that the board is too large to control, change to a smaller one.

In addition to the size, the board surface is different because each company's factory is different, so the board type will be different, which is mainly reflected in the depth of the foot socket.

Some people think that a deeper foot socket is more comfortable than a shallow board socket, and the experience is better when flipping or popping. Of course, there are also many skaters who like shallow board sockets. They think flipping is easier. This is still a matter of habit. What you like is most important. As for the warpage, roundness and sharpness of the head and tail, I won't go into details here. It's not too late to learn about it after sliding it up.

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