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Small and exquisite folding screen mobile phone Samsung Z FLIP4

From the earliest screen falling, the shaft is broken, and it is broken from the screen to the axis. The folding screen mobile phone is appearing beside us in a more mature form. Taking our protagonist Samsung Z FLIP4 as an example, it still uses a classic vertical folding design, but with the maturity of hinges and screen technology, this phone has become more durable and makes it capable of becoming every one. The main machine in the user's hand.


This generation of Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 continues the design language of the previous generation. It looks very light in the folding form, similar to a small foundation box, and the storage and carrying is very easy.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 still uses the design of the two screens in the vertical folding folding. The external screen is a SUPERAMOLED screen with a 1.9 -inch resolution of 260 × 512. Check, you can perform direct response and other operations when receiving the notification.

In addition to viewing notifications and time information, Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 can also set a series of component functions on the external screen, including shortcut switch and schedule. Users can also set different personalized wallpapers according to their own needs, or use it as a viewfinder during the self -timer of the rear camera to bring users a variety of personalized experiences.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 brings a 22: 9 -inch second -generation dynamic AMOLED screen for the user after the expansion. This inner screen uses a central punch design, providing users with a 1000W pixel with a 1000W pixel Front camera.

The internal screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 is 2640 × 1080, which supports the refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and can bring a good visual perception in the user's experience. Judging from the first live experience, although Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 uses a vertical folding method, the visual flatness after the internal screen is unfolding is still at a good level, and the overall impact is relatively small.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4's body frame uses armored aluminum alloy, providing a good structural strength for the fuselage. Its hinges are also newly designed, and the size is more compared to the previous generation. Therefore, it also optimizes the creases of the screen. It also supports a series of operations such as hovering.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 hinge supports the characteristics of hovering. It can make it use the content of the picture and other contents to use it to use the scenes such as delayed shooting. You can also use the lower half screen as a bracket and operating touch area in the case of video or music to unlock more usage methods.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 also continues the waterproof characteristics from the previous generation, supporting IPX8 waterproof, which is more friendly for daily users.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 uses the design of the side fingerprint unlocking, the experience of entering and unlocking is pretty good.

In terms of size and weight, the size of Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 is 71.9 × 84.9 × 17.1mm (15.9mm), and the size is 71.9 × 165.2 × 6.9mm, and the weight is about 187g. In the launch of the color matching, this time the Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 launched four colors: Youzi Secrets, Gothic Space, Fan Cherry Garden, and Blue Ocean Holiday.


Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 uses a 1000W pixel lens with a F2.4 aperture in the front camera. In terms of the rear camera, it is a 1200W pixel main camera and a 1200W pixel ultra -wide -angle lens. For F2.2, the aperture of the main camera is F1.8, and supports optical image stabilization and full -pixel dual -core focusing.

This set of images of Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 is already a good level when the stacking space inside the fuselage stacked is more complicated. In the experience at the scene, its imaging effect is pretty good. This set of image configuration also has a better effect improvement in the night shooting system by joining the hyper -visual night shooting system.

In the actual shooting process, users can also use the characteristics of its folding screen to bring different shooting methods, such as selfies through the external screen as a viewfinder, or to shoot the fuselage as a bracket. There are a lot of more mobile phones.


Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP 4 launched three storage schemes of 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, 8GB+512GB. Users can choose according to their actual situation.

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