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How to choose a recliner

The "recliner" that stretches the back into a supine posture and relaxes the whole body, not only can be used during lunch break, reading or watching TV, some styles can also add a lot to the indoor atmosphere. On the market, there are foldable recliners with adjustable backrests; as well as rocking chairs, with footrests or electric ones. The materials are also wood, bamboo, fabric or leather. How to choose?

The key points of choosing a recliner

Since recliners are mainly used for rest, relaxation and other purposes, the purchasing method is naturally different from ordinary seats. For example, ordinary chairs must be selected according to the height of the tabletop, but reclining chairs do not have this problem. They can be used alone to watch TV, take a nap or read without having to match the table; for recliners, whether they can sit comfortably is the biggest key. . Let's take a look at the key points to pay attention to when choosing a recliner!

●Choose from the material

When choosing a recliner, the comfort of sitting or lying is the most important consideration; the touch and advantages and disadvantages of different materials are different. The most common materials can be divided into leather and cloth. You may wish to weigh your choices according to your own habits and needs.

"Fabric" with a gentle touch

The recliner made of cloth material has a gentle touch and has many shapes and colors that can add to the atmosphere of the interior decoration, and the air permeability is better than leather, and it is comfortable and stable to sit up. In addition, the price is usually cheaper than leather products. The upper is more flexible. However, it will be relatively troublesome to clean up if you don’t spill liquids such as drinks and nail polish. Although there are also models on the market that can remove the cloth cover for washing, there is a risk of leaving traces if they are stained. Children or Pet families need special attention.

"Leather surface" that has a sense of luxury and is not afraid of getting dirty

Leather products are not only high-grade but also very resistant to dirt. Even if they are accidentally spilled, they will not penetrate. As long as they are wiped immediately, they will not leave any traces and have a fairly long service life. However, depending on the style, the stability and comfort of sitting will also vary, and if you sit and lie for a long time in summer, the parts in contact with the skin will inevitably feel sultry and sticky. In addition, the leather surface may also be dry or dry. Deterioration leads to cracking and peeling, so regular care is also very important.

Generally, the angle of the back and the foot pad of the recliner can be adjusted as you like. At present, in addition to the manual type that is adjusted by the joystick, there are also the electric type that is controlled by the remote control. Although the manual type must rely on manpower to adjust itself, it is relatively cheaper in price and can also save electricity bills. Although the price of electric type is usually more expensive, it is for the elderly with limited mobility or families with children. In other words, it will be easier and more convenient to use.

If you want to improve the quality of sitting and sleeping, a recliner with a footstool and armrests is a good choice. There are not only combination products with footstools on the market, but also types that you can choose according to your needs. The footstools are divided into general free-standing styles and styles that are integrated with the recliner. In addition to being able to put your feet, In addition to stress relief, the freestanding style can also be used as a chair when guests come to the house, which is very practical. However, if you want to purchase a footstool by yourself, it is recommended to choose an item with a height difference of less than 5cm from the chair.

In addition, although the lack of armrests may have a great sense of openness, it will be an indispensable existence if you want to get a full relaxation. Friends who value the height of the armrests may wish to choose a style that can freely adjust the height.

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