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React Native



React Native is a CP pseudo-native framework developed and maintained by Facebook. It is based on ReactJS and of course makes use of JSX (a hybrid between Javascript and HTML).

From its beginning, RN has been a boom and many companies and devs trusted it with their projects. Since almost 70% of all software developers know Javascript and a similar number know ReactJS, RN’s popularity is no surprise.

Between its pros we can find that it facilitates the use of design systems, and maintaining atomic-oriented components across web and mobile platforms, and it has some libraries that enhance this capability.

RN also tries to respect Android and iOS specific design specs, so that its components compile to native components and show as such on each of them. Of course, this only applies when using those default components or some other that are implemented differently on both platforms. Of course, this brings a drawback which forces most apps to add tweaks for many things to prevent features to break on one platform or the other.

We can also say it allows the use of platform specific code, making use of native modules for both Android and iOS.

React Native is right now the clear leader when talking about community and production experience, this carries more companies to trust it for their projects.

As tooling, devs use the most common text editors or IDEs like VS Code and Atom. The package create-react-native-app and Expo allow you to get up and running fast and eliminate most of the setup work.

The sunset of React Native?

This framework looks undeniably strong on paper, but lately we have seen a trend in big apps to actually drop React Native in favor of turning back to Native development.

Examples of this we can find in AirBnB’s sunsetting of React Native in their mobile app, which they explain in a 5 post series on Medium, they specifically point out the things that made them drop this framework on Part 4 and they even say they had to keep a fork of React Native just so they could make fast changes themselves to the whole framework in Part 2.

Something similar happened to Udacity, one of the most famous e-learning platforms that left React Native behind for many issues, some related to breaking updates of the Framework, some for maintainability in general; they even state that at some points it was like working for three tech stacks instead of one.

However, this is not all grim. These two teams as well as many others have said they actually had an overall positive experience working with React Native, and admitted they could have done some things differently so the final result would have been a bit better. Let’s say finally that this are just hits to the giant that RN has become, and such a large and active community is hardly going to give up on it so easily; furthermore, it keeps growing day by day.

Now let’s peek to React Native’s “new” antagonist.

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