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What color is the best for a Porsche Panamera?

As the most intuitive visual effect, color can affect our mood changes to a large extent, and in order to bring more hope and surprises to the daily travel life, the body color-changing film crystal diamond iceberry powder has entered the majority of car owners. When he was in the field of vision, he quickly occupied a certain place in everyone's heart.

Porsche Panamera Iceberry Powder is different from common powders. Obviously, this pink that is extraordinarily advanced and cold is really sultry and tempting. The ice berry color spreads to the entire car surface, as if it has the sweet taste and pleasant color of strawberries, and the car body flows with the refreshing temperament and fresh beauty, which makes people's mood brighter all of a sudden. The bright and clear texture of the film surface gives the whole car a refined and noble visual sense, which invisibly reflects the stylish and charming artistic aesthetic of the car owner.

In terms of appearance, the new body proportions of the Porsche Panamera are also more beautiful. The flat front is full of momentum, and the horizontal strip design in the center of the grille further widens the overall visual effect. The LED headlights equipped with LED four-point daytime running lights have intelligent adjustment functions to avoid dazzling drivers or pedestrians.

20-inch wheels and wide tires make the whole car look more domineering. There is an exhaust channel inside the wheel frame, which can effectively discharge the turbulent flow generated by the high-speed rotation of the wheel. The rear of the car is more layered than the previous generation, and there is no bloated "fat hip" in terms of visual effects.

There is a long LED light strip connected between the two taillights, and the visual effect is very prominent after lighting at night, and the biggest highlight of the Panamera is the through-type taillight design.

The interior design concept pays great attention to the sense of the future, and the simple and intuitive center console layout creates a strong sense of technology. The new car uses a touchable LCD screen instead of the original traditional buttons, which is more convenient to use. The 12.3-inch high-definition display is worth mentioning, which has become even more powerful with the new Porsche Communication Management system.

Although its interior space is slightly inferior to those of the models with L, the design is very reasonable, so even if a tall friend sits on it, the leg and head space is very good, with sports car standards. Measured, it does quite well.

The new car uses a 2.9T engine, which can release a peak torque of 549NM and a maximum horsepower of 446ps. The power parameters are far ahead of the models of the same displacement, and the matching gearbox is an 8-speed manual. In addition, it also provides a full-time four-wheel drive system and a multi-plate clutch with a central differential lock. The suspension combination is the front double rocker arm independent + rear multi-link independent.

The powerful rear-wheel follow-up steering system can assist the vehicle according to the speed of the vehicle to pass the curve more smoothly. Coupled with its own four-wheel drive system, I believe it will have a high explosive force. And because of the efficient sound insulation design, the exhaust sound emitted by itself cannot be heard at all after the vehicle is started.

In addition to the currently popular ice plum powder, what other colors of Panamera are also popular? And the most expensive color?

1. Amethyst

Purple has always given people a noble and elegant temperament, which is very suitable for Panamera's design. The color of amethyst is not a very bright and arrogant color, but a deep purple. Under the sunlight, this kind of deep purple will be more obvious, and the whole car looks more individual, without losing the sense of luxury.

2. Midnight blue

Midnight blue is also darker in color, a less assertive blue. This blue color hides Panamera's "irritable" side very well, but instead adds a calmness and maturity. Just like a gentleman in a dark blue suit, it is both low-key and connotative.

3. Matte grey

Matte gray is very close to the cement gray that has been popular in recent years, but the color depth of the matte gray is lighter than that of the cement gray, and it is more inclined to white. Matte gray is a color that few people choose. It makes Panamera look more sporty and high-performance. It is a favorite color of many young people.

What is the most expensive color in Panamera?

Custom colors are the most expensive. If you provide samples to Porsche, you need to spend 186,000 yuan for color customization. GT Silver, Papaiya Orange, Carmine Red, Amethyst and Matte Grey are all custom colors, and you need to add 54,900 yuan to get them. In addition to the above-mentioned colors, other colors do not need to be optional.

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