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Why one-key start sometimes fails to catch fire

When the engine fails to start after a sudden stop while driving, pull over and check the cause of the stop in time. The engine suddenly turned off during driving. Due to inertia, the car will not stop immediately. At this time, turn on the right turn signal, slowly slow down and stop to the side of the road, take out the parking warning sign and place it 50 meters behind the car, call for rescue.

Automatic transmission stall reason: automatic transmission models will not easily stall, the main reason is the use of low-quality fuel, resulting in carbon deposits and stalls in the engine. Another reason is the problem of the oil circuit. Of course, the reason of unskilled driving is not ruled out, which causes the engine to stall.

Reasons for manual stall flameout: 1. Idle flameout. For automatic models, stalling is the most common in idling state. The main reason is that there is too much dust in the air. When the engine is running, a lot of dirt is deposited on the valve core and throttle seat of the idling motor. When the dirt has accumulated Often times, the engine idling speed will be too low and the stability will be poor, and idling will stall during driving. The solution is simple, as long as the idle speed motor is cleaned. 2. There is a problem with the oil quality. If you add oil of poor quality and too much grease, the oil passage will be blocked and the oil supply will not be smooth.

The solution is to thoroughly clean the oil circuit, including fuel injectors, throttles, fuel tanks, etc., and add oil of guaranteed quality. 3. Park for a long time. As the saying goes, there is no broken car, only the broken car. The vehicle has been parked for a long time, and a thorough maintenance is required before reuse, such as changing the oil, checking the fuel, and the electrical circuit.

The fastest solution for one-click startup that can’t catch fire

If it is electromagnetic interference from the external environment, then you can only try multiple times, or get the car out of this environment; if it is electronic interference inside the vehicle, this is more troublesome, because this is a systematic project. It is necessary for professionals to check and confirm where the interference source comes from, and then install harmonic suppression devices or take harmonic suppression measures to completely solve the problem.

1. The car is out of gas. Basic common sense, without oil, you will definitely not be able to catch fire.

2. Battery failure. If the car battery is dead or malfunctions, it will naturally not catch fire.

Third, the spark plug problem. The flower plug is a key component of the car ignition system, so whether the spark plug can work normally or not is related to the working performance and efficiency of the vehicle.

4. Excessive carbon deposits. Excessive carbon deposits in the vehicle will also cause the vehicle to fail to catch fire. You need to go to the store regularly to clean up the carbon deposits.

Others, such as oil problems, line failures, etc., will cause the vehicle to fail to ignite. If you need to go to a professional store for detailed inspection.

What's wrong with the one-click start of a new car and sometimes it doesn’t catch on fire?

1. The steering wheel is locked and cannot catch fire

When parking, if the steering wheel does not return to the center, at a slightly larger angle (for example, more than 30 degrees), the steering wheel will be automatically locked. This is also an anti-theft measure. At this time, the key may not be able to be turned, resulting in failure. ignition.

Solution: As long as you turn the key while turning the steering wheel hard, you can unlock the steering wheel and try to fire again.

2. One-key start will encounter power loss of smart key

The key is in the car, but the meter always displays ‘key matching error’. This situation is due to the lack of power to the smart key, and the start-up system cannot sense the weak electric waves emitted by the key.

Solution: Pick up the smart key and place it on the start button, and then press the button to start. When the remote control key loses power or cannot be correctly matched due to other problems, insert the key into the emergency key jack and press the start button to start.

3. The new car does not first step on the brake and then start it with one button

If it is a borrowed or newly bought car, the brakes must be pressed when the one-button start vehicle ignites. Pressing the start button without stepping on the brake only turns on the electrical system in the car, but cannot start the car.

Solution: First step on the brake and then start with one button.

Advantages and disadvantages of one-click startup:

1. The door lock opens automatically. When the owner approaches the vehicle about 3 meters, the door lock opens automatically to release the anti-theft.

2. When the owner leaves the vehicle, the door lock will be automatically locked into the anti-theft state.

3. When the car owner enters the car, just press the start button to use the car without a key.

4. If the position sensor fails, or the ignition matching fails, the ignition switch keyhole is required. Generally, low-grade or low-level changes will not retain the keyhole.

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