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Sit comfortably while working from home!

Office chairs are often made of "cloth" material. The advantage is that the price is cheap, but it is easy to get dirty, and it is difficult to wipe things down accidentally. Recently, many professional-oriented office chairs use the "mesh" material with good air permeability, which has the advantages of easy ventilation, good elasticity and support, and easy cleaning. The "leather" products positioned in the top office supplies have the characteristics of being dirt-resistant and wear-resistant, and their appearance looks mature, but it is easy to feel stuffy and is more suitable for placing in air-conditioned rooms.

Before buying a home office chair, you need to confirm the place where it will be placed, such as in a spacious study room, or temporarily transform the bedroom into a work space, so that you can choose a style that is moderate in size and does not feel oppressive. A good office chair can accompany you for several years, so in terms of color, shape and other appearance conditions, if you can match the interior decoration style, the overall home environment will be more harmonious.

Everyone’s height is different. To maintain a good sitting posture, the height of the office chair must also be adjusted with the table. Most office chairs have the function of adjusting the height. When purchasing, you can also pay attention to other fine-tuning functions, such as head and neck. Whether the inclination angle of the seat and the back of the chair can be adjusted according to the body shape, whether the lumbar pad is attached, whether the armrest can be removed and rotated, etc., can all be listed in the evaluation criteria. In addition, there are some styles with foot pads in the market, which can greatly improve the comfort. Those who have both work and leisure needs must be included for reference!

1. Safety

The explosion of the chair lift occasionally happens, but there is no need to talk about the discoloration of the chair. Basically, as long as you do not choose inferior three-no products, you can avoid this risk. It is recommended to buy an ergonomic chair when you buy a brand that has been recognized by the market. If you buy ordinary seats, it is recommended to buy more stable seats such as bow chairs and fixed four-legged chairs to avoid accidents.

2. Comfortable

The ergonomic chair adopts scientific, medical, health and other means to make the seat fit the curve of the human spine, fit the natural shape of the human body, and reduce the pressure on the body and the resulting fatigue. If you want to sit comfortably, of course, the first choice is an ergonomic chair, but not all chairs can be called ergonomic chairs. Ordinary chairs are at best just a simple combination of the back, seat cushion, chair legs, and armrests, as long as you can sit, it is completely Not comfortable.

3. Beauty

Good-looking is the first element of the ergonomic chair at home. The pleasing appearance design alone makes people feel happy from a distance. If it has both appearance and function, it is naturally what everyone yearns for. However, there are not many good-looking and easy-to-use ergonomic chairs on the market, most of which are from international brands, and the price is relatively expensive. But if someone does the math, the big-name ergonomic chairs are actually more cost-effective than ordinary office chairs.

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