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How to choose an electric scooter?

A means of transportation means that it needs a few kilometers of transportation, not for long-distance travel, but mainly for going to bus stops, entering subway stations, etc. There is always such a little distance that makes you feel that buying a car is not practical, and walking is a bit tiring. How bold people are, how prolific the land is. In order to meet the changing times and human needs, electric mobility tools came into being.

1. What are the brands of electric scooters?

Now there are many brands of electric scooters, such as Xiaomi Mijia, Ninebot 9, Shengte, Guizhan, inokim, Qike, Huanxi HX, RND, Lenovo, Jiuyue and so on.

Among the brands in it, I recommend Xiaomi Mijia, Ninebot No. 9, Shengte, inokim, Huanxi HX, RND, Lenovo, Chike, and Jiuyue. These brands or their foundries are all engaged in the electric scooter industry. The longer it is, the more quality it is guaranteed.

2. What knowledge do you need to know when buying an electric scooter?

According to my experience recommending the purchase of electric scooters for others, most people pay more attention to the functional parameters of battery life, safety, passability and shock absorption, weight, and climbing ability when purchasing electric scooters. We will focus on explaining the functional parameters of the electric scooter.

Endurance: The battery life of an electric scooter is comprehensively determined by the electric scooter itself, the driver's weight and driving style, as well as external weather and road conditions. Therefore, there are many factors that affect the battery life of electric scooters. Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the shorter the battery life. Frequent acceleration, deceleration and braking will also affect the battery life; bad weather outside, high temperature, low temperature, and wind speed will also affect the battery life; going up and downhill will also affect the battery life. . These factors are relatively uncertain, and the most important factor affecting the battery life is the configuration of the electric scooter itself, such as batteries, motors, and motor control methods.

Batteries: Most manufacturers now use domestic batteries, and some foreign LG and Samsung batteries are also used. Under the same volume and weight, the capacity of foreign batteries will be larger than that of domestic batteries, but whether foreign or domestic batteries are used, now Most brands have the phenomenon that the nominal battery life is inflated. The advertised battery life is this number, but the actual battery life experienced by customers is much shorter. In addition to the inflated propaganda of the manufacturers, it is also because the manufacturers test the battery life under ideal conditions, but the actual customer's weight, road conditions, and driving speeds are different, so it has caused a phenomenon that is seriously inconsistent with the actual customer experience. . So I pay more attention to the actual battery life. In the electric scooter recommendation, I have combined the actual battery life experience of those who have used it (can not guarantee 100% accuracy, but it is closer to the actual battery life), please see the following model recommendations for details .

Motor: The motor control method, the motor mainly depends on the power of the motor, generally 250W-350W, the motor power is not as large as possible, too large is not too wasteful, too small is not enough power.

Safety, the safety of electric scooters is mainly determined by the brakes. The safety of an electric scooter has a lot to do with its braking system. At present, the general braking methods of electric scooters include foot pedal brakes, E-ABS anti-lock electronic brakes, and mechanical disc brakes.

Safety is: mechanical disc brake > E-ABS electronic brake > foot pedal brake. Generally, electric scooters are matched with two braking methods, such as electronic brake + foot brake, electronic brake + mechanical disc brake, and a few have three braking methods.There is also the issue of front-wheel-drive front brakes. Front-wheel-drive vehicles have the advantages of front-wheel drive vehicles, and rear-wheel-drive vehicles have the advantages of rear-wheel-drive vehicles. However, front-wheel-drive vehicles sometimes appear when the front brake is used to brake suddenly. risks of. I would like to remind the novice not to brake suddenly, do not brake the front brake, use the brake, lean back when braking, do not drive too fast, and keep below 20 km/h.

Passability and shock absorption: Passability depends on the wheel diameter of the tire. The larger the wheel diameter, the better the passability, the easier it is to pass through obstacles, and the better the handling and the safer it is. The general wheel diameter of electric scooters is 6 inches to 10 inches. I recommend electric scooters with a wheel diameter of more than 8 inches, which are easier to control, have better steering and passability, and have stronger shock absorption capability.

Shock absorption and shock absorption: The larger the tire diameter, the better the shock absorption. In addition to the wheel diameter, the type of tire will also affect the shock absorption. Generally speaking, pneumatic tires have stronger shock absorption than other types of tires. The shock absorption capacity from large to small is generally: ordinary pneumatic tires > tubeless tires > honeycomb tires > hollow tires > solid tires. Some electric scooters will be equipped with spring shock absorption suspension, which can also greatly improve the shock absorption ability of electric scooters.

Weight: If you want to take it upstairs considering portability, it is recommended for boys to be under 13kg and for girls to be under 11kg. You can also choose an electric scooter that can remove the battery. If you don’t consider going upstairs, just choose it.

Climbing ability: Now most electric scooters have a maximum climbing gradient of between 10-20°, and the climbing ability of 10° is relatively weak. People with a slightly heavier weight will struggle to climb a small slope. If you need to climb, it is recommended to choose an electric scooter with a maximum climbing gradient of more than 14°.

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