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The difference between the steam-bake all-in-one machine and the steam-bake all-in-one machine

As people's living conditions are getting better and better, many people will choose higher-end home appliances as they have higher requirements for quality of life. Many people who like to go to the kitchen have heard of the all-in-one steamer and oven, but most of the all-in-one micro-steamers have never heard of or used it. Microwave heating is to generate high-frequency reciprocating motion through the water molecules generated in the heated body to generate "internal friction heat" to increase the temperature of the heated material. Without any heat conduction process, the material can be heated and heated at the same time inside and outside. The speed is fast and uniform.

The steam oven is to heat the food from the outside to the inside through the heat pipe and the burst generator, and it is often used for baking and meat production. It is one that can heat inside and outside at the same time, and the other is to heat the outside first and then the inside; in fact, it is clear from the literal expression that the speed of microwave heating is very fast. The one that can be steamed is called an all-in-one steaming oven, and the one that can be slightly steamed is called an all-in-one micro-steaming machine, both of which have slight advantages and disadvantages in function. But not only that, the micro-steaming and roasting machine has not only microwave, micro-steaming, baking, micro-steaming and roasting functions, and the combination of each function has different cooking effects and ingredient production processes, but you must know very little about micro-steaming. Can steaming and roasting also be used as a disinfection cabinet? Because microwaves have the function of sterilizing and sterilizing, there are almost no bacteria in places with microwaves, so they can not only cook but also sterilize utensils.

respective advantages (relative)

(1). The advantages of the micro-steaming and roasting machine

①, with microwave function, completely replace the microwave oven in terms of time efficiency of heating meals

②, add microwave function when steaming and grilling food, such as micro-steaming and micro-roasting, it can speed up the whole cooking process

(2). Advantages of the integrated steaming and roasting machine

①, the product technology is highly mature, steaming and roasting can coexist perfectly

②, there are few restrictions on the material of cooking utensils

Current shortcomings of each (relative)

Micro-steaming and roasting machine:

①, Micro-steaming and roasting machine itself still has technical breakthrough difficulties, and the product maturity still needs to be improved

②, Micro-steaming and roasting machine has a very high market access due to its microwave function, and the national control is also very strict. There are few brands that can enter this market, resulting in less selectivity.

③, the microwave function has great restrictions on the roasting function. For example, the top roasting cannot adjust the temperature, only the gear control.

④, the microwave function has high requirements for heat dissipation, while the steam function requires a strong airtightness, otherwise the steam cannot be saturated

⑤, There are more restrictions on cooking utensils, and there are also restrictions on heated food

Steaming and roasting machine:

①, Although it can heat food, it takes a long time to heat food, and most of them do not have a separate quick heating function.

Previously, most of the steam-bake all-in-one machines did not have a separate function for heating meals, and could only be achieved through pure steaming or high-temperature steam roasting, but there was no specific mode, temperature and time, which caused many consumers to feel a headache.

But the good news is that the current upgrade direction of the all-in-one steaming and roasting machine is to solve the pain point of hot meals, so it is estimated that the all-in-one steaming and roasting machine will gradually introduce this function in the future.

The future trend of micro-steaming and roasting machine

①The first is to meet the needs of baking players in the configuration, such as adding a lower baking tube

②The capacity is further expanded, with a view to reaching more than 40L

③The magnetron is upgraded from fixed frequency to variable frequency

④The microwave generation method is upgraded from top microwave + bottom stirring to bottom waveguide + antenna

⑤ The cleaning problem of the inner tank is solved, and the easy-to-clean structure design of the diamond-shaped backplane may be adopted in the later stage.

The future trend of steaming and roasting machine

①Solve the pain points of heating meals, specially designed the quick heating function

②To solve the problem of water accumulation in the inner cavity, design function buttons for automatic drying or manual drying

③The problem of cleaning the inner tank, compared with the micro-steaming and baking machine, the steaming and baking machine can choose more ways to clean the inner tank

④Inner cavity dehumidification

⑤Intelligent, upgrade from color screen, WIFI, APP and integrated circuit algorithm, etc.

Having said so much, how should I choose between the micro-steaming and baking all-in-one machine and the steaming and baking all-in-one machine?

The following situations can give priority to the all-in-one steamer:

①, there are requirements for baking needs

②, the elderly or children at home will use it to avoid accidents caused by not being familiar with the specification requirements of microwave functions

③, if there is a need for microwave hot meals, as well as steaming and roasting needs, the configuration of steaming and roasting machine + microwave oven can be given priority.

④, for microwave heating meals that do not require high time, you can consider buying a steaming and roasting machine separately (currently, the steaming and roasting machine can heat meals quickly, and it can be around 5 minutes)

The following circumstances can give priority to the micro-steaming and roasting machine:

①, the demand for microwave quick heating of meals is relatively high, and other needs are relatively basic needs

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