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What is the difference between Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro? Which one should I buy?

Consumers who plan to replace their flagship new phones at the end of the year will most likely consider the Mi 13 series, because the Mi 13 series will be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, and its performance is at the top level in the industry, and Xiaomi phones have always had With high cost performance, although the Xiaomi digital series flagship has hit the high-end market in the past few years, its price is not cheap, but its hardware configuration is also full of materials, so if you want to maximize returns, the new Xiaomi digital series flagship It is indeed worth considering.

This time, the Mi 13 series includes two mobile phones, Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro. The price difference of 1,000 yuan between these two mobile phones is not particularly large, so this also makes many consumers very entangled, not knowing which one to buy It is actually not difficult to figure out this problem. First, you need to understand the differences between the two mobile phones in detail. After that, you can easily judge which one to buy according to your own situation. Next, I will take you through a detailed analysis.

First of all, let’s take a look at the similarities between the two flagship phones. Their performance is consistent. Both are equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, both have a full-blooded version of LPDDR5X, and UFS4.0+FBO rejuvenated storage. Including their heat dissipation, the super large VC liquid cooling temperature control system is also enabled. In addition, these two flagships support the top IP68 waterproof function, and both have 32 million pixel front ultra-clear lenses. Next, let’s take a look at their different features. place.

The body materials of the two mobile phones are different. They both have two body materials. Mi 13 is made of glass and nano-skin technology, while Mi 13 Pro is made of ceramics and nano-skin technology. In addition, the weight, thickness and size of the two phones are different. There are also differences. Among them, the thickness of Mi 13 is about 7.98mm and the weight is about 189g, while the thickness of Mi 13 Pro is about 8.38mm and the weight is about 229g. Therefore, Mi 13 Pro is thicker and heavier than Mi 13. There will be a slight difference in thickness.

Mi 13 is equipped with an E6-level ultra-narrow straight screen that supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, while Mi 13 Pro is equipped with an E6-level hyperbolic screen that supports 120Hz adaptive high-refresh and 2K resolution; in addition, Mi 13 battery capacity It is 4500mAh, supports 67W flash charging, 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse charging, while the battery capacity of Mi 13 Pro has been increased to 4820mAh, supports 120W flash charging, enhanced version of 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse charging, battery life and fast charging are even better. powerful.

The heat dissipation of mobile phones has always been a concern for everyone. Mi 13 uses a 4642mm² giant VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation panel, covering 42.5% of the body area, while Mi 13 Pro uses a 3400mm2 large-area liquid-cooled VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation panel. Obviously, it is not as big as the cooling panel of Mi 13. However, through the AI intelligent temperature control engine, it can dynamically perceive user usage scenarios, adjust temperature control strategies in real time, intelligently schedule performance core strategies, and provide a comfortable temperature experience. Therefore, their heat dissipation is well controlled.

In other aspects, for example, they all use Dolby Atmos stereo dual speakers (Dolby Atmos) this time, and the sound is full and delicate. There is also a new digital car key, which can easily unlock some models with mobile phones. This time also has the P68 dustproof and waterproof function, more assured to use.

The biggest difference between these two phones is the rear image part. Among them, Mi 13 is equipped with a 50-megapixel Leica triple camera. In addition to the 50-megapixel main camera, there is also a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 10-megapixel camera. As for the telephoto lens, as for the three cameras of Mi 13 Pro, all three cameras are upgraded. The rear Leica three cameras are all main camera specifications. Pixel's ultra-wide-angle lens.

After understanding these two mobile phones in detail, it is easy to decide which one to buy. If consumers like straight-screen mobile phones, or hope that mobile phones can be thinner and lighter, then it is recommended to start with Mi 13 directly. The price of 3999 yuan is also more suitable. Consumers who are not economically well off. If consumers have higher requirements for mobile phones, hope that mobile phones have more powerful fast charging and imaging capabilities, or like flagships with curved screens, or flagships made of ceramic materials, then Xiaomi 13 Pro is more in line with the demand, and the price of 4999 yuan is comparable. Compared with other flagships at the same price, it is also very competitive.

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