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How to install the magnetic soft screen door? Introduction to the installation method of magnetic soft screen door

It has the advantages of novel appearance, no noise, convenient access, low price, good sealing, and excellent anti-mosquito effect. It can be widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals and other places. It is not only the replacement of ordinary screen doors, but also the first choice for modern households to get rid of pesticides. The two-way installation of the inner and outer doors, supplemented by good screen windows, completely eliminates the need for pesticides, allowing you to have a peaceful, refreshing and healthy summer. The raw material of the magnetic soft screen door is carefully selected by the inventor for many years. It is made of high-quality chemical fiber material. It has obvious advantages such as no shrinkage, no wrinkle, no deformation, bright and firm color, fine workmanship, and reliable quality. It has been improved (good hand feel, imitated glass yarn material, not cloth yarn in other people's stores, or ordinary yarn material, so buyers do not just look at the price but not the material), the magnetic strip has been nailed in, no need to buy You can install the magnetic stripe by yourself, and you can install it directly on the door frame according to the steps. In the hot summer, many people like to use mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes, but they don't know that it will cause harm to the human body. In fact, most of the effective ingredients of mosquito coils are pyrethrum insecticides, as well as organic fillers, binders, dyes and other additives. Therefore, the smoke of mosquito coils burns contains many harmful substances to the human body, which may induce diseases such as asthma. According to estimates, the amount of particles emitted from a roll of mosquito coils is about the same as the amount of burning about 100 cigarettes. The released ultra-fine particles can enter and stay in the lungs, which may cause asthma in the short term, and cancer in the long term. The second is carcinogens produced by incomplete combustion of the mosquito coil base material, and some compounds that can irritate the upper respiratory tract. These substances can poison the human nervous system. The magnetic soft screen door curtains have good sealing properties, and will automatically close after people pass by, completely preventing the intrusion of mosquitoes and flies~~~ With this, there is no need to spray insecticides anymore! ! There is no noise when it is switched on and off, and it is easy to get in and out. It is suitable for installation on frequently opened and closed doors and windows, such as gates and balcony doors. The screen door uses high-quality screens, fine and flat workmanship, no fading, no wrinkles and deformation. Installation instructions: wooden door frame-directly use nails to fix the screen on the door frame, starting from the upper inner corner of the middle, and then fix the two sides in turn, pay attention to the installation level.

Installation steps of magnetic soft screen door

1. Preparations. First of all, we should be prepared when installing the magnetic soft screen door. Generally, the accessories of the magnetic soft screen door are relatively simple, including two curtains and a magnetic door strip. Confirm the position of the door and the front and back of the curtain.

2. Install the magnetic stripe. When installing the magnetic strip, the positive and negative poles should be clearly distinguished. If the N and S poles are opposite, only the door will open larger, and the screen door will not close. When you install the magnetic strip, you can stand at a high place, so that the installation is better, the plane of the magnetic strip can be attracted, so be careful. After installing the magnetic strip, it can be sealed.

3. Install the screen door. When installing a magnetic soft screen door, first determine the middle position of the yarn, and then align the screen door with the door frame. Must pay attention to the height of the installation

Spend. The magnetic soft screen door must overlap with the ground without leaving any gap. Otherwise, mosquitoes can easily enter the cracks of the door. However, it should be noted that the position of the magnetic buckle cannot be lowered to the ground, while the middle position is slightly higher. When installing, the side of the screen door cannot be too tight, so it is easy to break. The screen door should be easy

The ground is locked together to keep out the mosquitoes. First align the two screen doors, then use pushpins to fix the screen door in the middle of the door, then fix the positions on both sides, and then lean

Near the middle position, keep the screen door flat, so be careful not to use too much force to avoid pulling. screen door. Then remove the door and turn in the curved direction to close the screen door.

4. Fixed. After installing the magnetic soft screen door, it needs to be fixed. If it is a tie, it can be fixed with a plastic tape or pushpin to ensure the complete sealing and beautiful appearance of the magnetic soft screen door. If it is to install the magnetic soft screen door to the iron frame, aluminum door gold, stainless steel, it is even simpler, you can directly use the special magic glue. Then you can fix the small lace of the magnetic soft screen door on it.

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