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Is the Hongqi H9 your "favorite" model? This car has 3 advantages!

If you talk about domestic luxury mid-to-large sedans, you must mention the Hongqi H9. This car is the flagship model of the Hongqi H series. It is of great significance to the new Hongqi, and it also represents the appearance of domestic luxury cars. Hongqi H9 can be said to present the oriental aesthetics extremely completely, and is also called "Oriental Rolls-Royce" by many car fans.

The appearance of Hongqi H9 uses a new family-style language. The single design concept is similar to Hongqi’s classic models CA770 and L5. A strong sense of dignity. The side of the Hongqi H9 uses a slip-back design, which is very rare among models of the same class. The visual center of gravity is placed on the rear, and the overall appearance has the youthful feeling of a sports car, but also does not lack the sense of stability of a medium-to-large car. The corner lower waistline decorated with silver chrome plating is used under the door panel, plus the multi-spoke wheels and the hidden handles of the whole car, the aura achieved is so strong that I don’t need to say more. In terms of body size, the length of the Hongqi H9 has reached 5137mm, which is far better than the BBA models of the same level.

Entering the interior of the Hongqi H9, a majestic scene greets us. The area visible to the naked eye is covered with leather, wood grain veneer, and metal panels with a sense of light and shadow. It can be said to be sincere in terms of materials, and such performance is enough to challenge overseas models of the same level. In terms of configuration, the Hongqi H9 can definitely be regarded as the benchmark of luxury cars. The models with the lowest configuration of 2.0T Zhilian Qiyue Edition are equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, a 12-speaker B0SE audio system with active noise reduction, and four-zone independent Air-conditioning and other luxury configurations. According to different versions, other models are also equipped with automatic parking, steering wheel heating, HUD head-up display, active noise reduction, multi-layer soundproof glass, streaming media rearview mirror and other intelligent and comfortable equipment. The top-equipped 3.0T Zhilian flag collar four-seater model is also equipped with a one-button reclining function for the boss seat, suede interior, electric suction doors and other configurations, these are the equipment that can only be seen on luxury D-class cars.

In terms of power, the Hongqi H9 provides two engines, 2.0T turbocharged + 48V light hybrid and 3.0TV6 supercharged engines, which are matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Among them, the 2.0T+48V engine has a maximum power of 252 horsepower and a peak torque of 380 Nm; the 3.0TV6 engine on the top model has a maximum power of 283 horsepower and a peak torque of 400 Nm. As far as the book data of the power system is concerned, it is absolutely capable of challenging the same-level models of the BBA. In addition, Hongqi H9 also provides four driving modes: comfort, economy, sport and snow. The chassis adopts the combination of the front double wishbone and the rear trapezoidal multi-link independent suspension. The overall handling is relatively good, the steering feels clear, the roll damping is good, the ride becomes more like a sports car, and there is no obvious speed bump. Bouncing, in-car precision is excellent.

We can see a lot of design concepts on this car body. They are named as Alpine Waterfall, Pearl Sparkling, Conquering the Stars, Temporary Quartet, Riding the Wind and Waves, Enterprising and Unbounded, etc. These names only belong to Chinese culture. romantic. At the same time, from these design concepts, it is not difficult to see the styling style that this car wants to highlight, which is dignified, stable, and majestic.

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